Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas Tree Decorations

I made these Christmas Tree Decorations with my two youngest children and I would say that they are almost mess free, suitable for toddlers and really allow the imagination to be utilised. Materials needed for a Christmas Tree Decoration Screwball ice-cream containers (empty and washed – what an excuse to eat ice-cream!) Crete paper – … Read more

Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration

I love those special little touches that make Christmas even more magical. Personalisation I feel is one of those things. So I was delighted when Tracey from Digery Designs let me have one of these Photo Gingerbread Tree Decorations to review. They can be bought ready made or in a pack with clear instructions. All … Read more

Personalised Kids Craft Christmas Cards

I originally had this idea that I could make some stamps and it would make writing Christmas Cards easier, as my 5 year old could just stamp his name! First of all I wrote the names on paper in bubble writing and cut them out. Next I took a potato and cut it in half. … Read more