Personalised Christmas Tree Decoration

I love those special little touches that make Christmas even more magical. Personalisation I feel is one of those things. So I was delighted when Tracey from Digery Designs let me have one of these Photo Gingerbread Tree Decorations to review.


They can be bought ready made or in a pack with clear instructions.


All that I needed was a pen (I used a felt) and some scissors.


Simply draw around the gingerbread man on the two pieces of felt provided.


And cut them out.


Then draw around the face shape.


And do the same with a photo of the face you wish to use.


So then you have a front and a back.


Using your finger rub the glue onto the wood.


  Glue the front on with the photo underneath the felt, add the photo protector over the top.

And then glue the back on.


Next simply glue on the bow and buttons.

Personalised Gingerbread man Christmas tree ornament @pinkoddy

Add the ribbon and hang on the tree.

This craft was so simple to do that a child could do it. And what a sweet decoration that can be used again and again.

I received a free gingerbread decoration kit for purposes of review. All thoughts and photography are my own.

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