#AD Trapped Escape Room Fantastic Family Fun Flight 927: Review/Giveaway

Trapped Escape Room Games have the ability to turn any room into an Escape Room. Family friendly fun perfect for 6 players, is easy to set up, and leaves no mess. What better way to reconnect than over a screen-free games night!

Escape Room: Trapped Flight 927

To celebrate the launch of Golden Bear Toys three new Trapped Exit Room Games I have reviewed Flight 927*. PLUS I have a giveaway for all three to one lucky winner! Perfect for half terms, summer holidays. Staycations and rainy days!!!

Trapped Escape Room Flight 927

How to Play Trapped 927

Flight 927 is the new hard puzzle level Escape Room Game. Ideal for 2-6 players and suitable for ages eight and over. In Flight 927 your flight has crashed. Now you need to solve the puzzles, which will help get the whole family moving, thinking and co-operating as you race against time to figure out and send the distress signal, in order to save the day!

There are a mix of types of problem solving (including visual and mathematical) to help get everyone involved. Some are easier than others – meaning everyone has a chance of helping.

Trapped Flight 927 Escape Room puzzle

But players also need to be aware that they are not getting too bogged down in red herrings and wasting time! You are award points based on how long you take and how many clues you use. The maximum is 10 points for completing in under 60 minutes with no clues.

Set up of Flight 927

The Trapped Escape Room Game Packs are designed so that everyone can play – including the person who sets it up. You make sure all the clues are faced down so you do not look at any of the puzzles until the right moment in the game.

On the back of each puzzle it tells you where to place the clues. That is in either the passenger seating area or the cockpit. Also whether to place them on the wall or a surface. It is really important you get this right, however, my family were not best pleased that they couldn’t solve a puzzle because part of the clue was in the wrong room. Luckily Jenny, at The Brick Castle, had a photo of exactly that clue on her blog when my frustrated husband looked it up!

Escape Room Trapped Flight 927 Puzzles set up

It took me 15 minutes to set Flight 927 up – but that included adding all the tape sheet to them. It does state in `How to Play’ that the low tack shouldn’t affect most surfaces and you can just put the clues on flat surfaces if you wish. I stuck them to the walls and it did pull off the paint.

Finally you simply add the lock on the door between the rooms and decide who is going to read out the instructions.

Solving the Puzzles in Flight 927

There is no need to complete the clues in any particular order. Apart from you just can’t get from the passenger seating area to the cockpit until you have solved all the puzzles in that room.

Each of the puzzles also has 3 clues and the answer that goes with them each. You look at the clues through a cipher so that you do not accidentally see other clues. There are different levels of clues and you lose points for each clue that you use.

Escape Room Puzzle solving

It was a shame that you couldn’t skip the level of clue as we had already worked out what we were told in the clues, so needed to keep use even more clues before we actually got to a point where we were told new information.

Trapped Escape Rooms Flight 927 Packaging

The Trapped Escape Room Games come in compact boxes which are easy to store and travel with. They are minimal with no unnecessary waste and minimal plastic. In fact it is advised that the box doubles as a clipboard to lean on.

What Else You Need for Trapped Escape Room Flight 927

Although the instructions say to use the box as a clipboard this means that only one person would have the pen and paper. In hindsight it is best that everyone has their own and then notes can be discussed.

Talking of not being wasteful items that you’d expect the average home to have are not included in the box. These are paper, pens; a stopwatch and calculator (as most people have them on their phones).

calculator to help solve puzzles in Escape room

The game is set over two rooms. You ideally will have two connecting rooms with a door. You can also split a room in two however.

Contents of Trapped Escape Room Flight 927

  • How to Play Instruction Booklet
  • Clue Book
  • Clue Reader
  • Cockpit Lock
  • Tape Sheet
  • Bulldog Clip
  • Blue Star Envelope
  • 6 x Posters
  • 23 x Puzzle Cards
  • 2 x Puzzle Booklets
Trapped Escape Room Flight 927 Contents

Thoughts on Trapped Escape Room Flight 927

Trapped Escape Room Flight 927 was a good way to bring us together as a family. As our youngest is now 12 it is much harder to find things that aren’t screen-related that they all enjoy doing. I like how it is a good price for an evening (or daytime if you prefer) of family entertainment. The pack was self-explanatory, bright and engaging, and easy and taxing enough for us all to get involved.

I do think that it may have been better if someone was aware of what was going on – just giving clues where needed (and obviously being able to check that puzzle pieces were definitely where they were meant to be).

Some of it was a little confusing for us, such as being told to stop the clock before the final clue in the envelope. I also didn’t like how the clue reader went on to multiple lines in order to read the clues – as it made it difficult to understand.

Escape Room clue Reader

Our party consisted of two adults, two teenagers and a tween. We were all able to contribute something to solving the puzzles despite the fact that we had played the difficult level first. We finished within 90 minutes but did have to look at the clues. Although note that at least one of the pieces being in the wrong place did not help.

Trapped Escape Room Games are family friendly and perfect for birthdays or sleepovers; time together as a family; or even suitable for adults get together. They are so portable and easy to set up that you could use them either at home or on holiday. Or even as an ice-breaker for a team building exercise at work!

For your chance to win all three Golden Bear Toys new Trapped Exit Room Games enter the Rafflecopter below and answer the question in 10 words or more:


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Trapped Escape Rooms are available from £9.99-£12.99 each. Each one is clearly labelled with their level of difficulty.

New Trapped Escape Room Games with different levels of difficulty

* I was sent all 3 Trapped Escape Rooms in exchange for a review of Flight 927 and Giveaway of all 3 games to one lucky blog reader. All words and opinions are honest and my own. No other financial compensation has been given.

51 thoughts on “#AD Trapped Escape Room Fantastic Family Fun Flight 927: Review/Giveaway”

  1. What an exciting game. We have an outhouse at the end of the garden which has fairy lights hanging all around. I would get a couple of my best friends together, get some snack supplies in, and play the game 🙂

  2. Would love to win this for my 10 year’s old as she always spy on her sisters she think she is FBI agent lol she would love this,

  3. This looks fun, but complicated! May need to invite many people round for this and make sure no-one has a little drink haha

  4. We’ve just had our loft converted and it’s a great place to play an Escape Room with my husband and kids, all of whom are better than me at solving clues!

  5. I would be playing this with my son and daughter at home although I like to cheat so would try to cheat and this annoys my daughter

  6. We’d play as a family, we love our board games and this sounds like it would be great fun next time we have a family get together!

  7. Sounds like a great Christmas game… I’d play with all my family to bring us together in something we can do together

  8. This looks brilliant. My kids love escape rooms, so I’d love to play this when they are all home together.

  9. Going away with my sisters family for Christmas 12 adults between 24 & 73. This is just what we want to do over a couple of bottles of wine

    • But that’s not 10 words or more, so I’d play in our extension / games room and I’d invite my nephews around for a themed evening of escaping!

  10. Although I would play this either at home or on hoilday, these games would be ideal for family gatherings, especially at Christmas.

  11. We have an open plan lounge and dining room so it would be easy to split the room in two to be able to play. We could even use the dining room chairs as the airplane seating! I’d play with my family. All through lockdown we had a weekly quiz night via zoom so I know they enjoy puzzles. It would be great to be able to play something so interactive in person now we can all meet together again.


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