Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

Carlton Kids STEM Activity Books

People learn all different ways and the beauty of home education is that you can find what works for the individual. Personally one of the ways I find best to learn is through the use of books because I can do things in my own time. What I really love is books that make education … Read more

Home Ed Diary – Another Busy Week in the Sun

father and sons playing outside

Our home education week began with taking my husband to work as his car had its MOT. As it happens he works not far from a big park which is (usually) always very busy and there was just no-one there (the odd one or two children did turn up eventually). I was really shocked about … Read more

Home Education Week After I came back from Italy

forest school making a catapult

The week began on a Wednesday because I had been in Milan celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband and the boys had been with his parents. I picked them up and took them straight to the home education session at the library. This time it was about Medieval – which is good to … Read more

What do you get with a G?

I have been teaching my 4 year old the alphabet before he starts school in September (Yay we got our first choice school. I hope you did too) I actually started with my youngest. We simply used some black tissue paper (tbh it’s the only black paper I had but I thought it would be just perfect as … Read more