Home Education Week After I came back from Italy

The week began on a Wednesday because I had been in Milan celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with my husband and the boys had been with his parents. I picked them up and took them straight to the home education session at the library. This time it was about Medieval – which is good to have them thinking about the up and coming medieval fair. That we shot off to home education sports club before the boys did Explore Learning. I had forgot that The Sensory Seeker had a workshop too so he went for a session whilst I took the 10 year old for food; then my husband picked up the 10 year old and I took The Sensory Seeker for food, before he had his workshop. Then my husband bought the 10 year old for his 11+ session.boy with medieval knight craft

Thursday we arranged to go for a run with my friend but The Sensory Seeker had other ideas. He didn’t want to run in sheep poo or have the grass hitting his legs. It took a long time just to get him to walk the distance with little bits of running in between. We just about managed to get back to eat quickly before forest school. The boys made catapults and tried elderflower cordial that was made whilst we were there. I was really surprised at the difference in The Sensory Seeker’s attention when at Forest school – he really listens to Steph and wants to make/learn/do whilst there.forest school making a catapult

We didn’t go to Explore Learning as we felt it would be too much and they wouldn’t get back in time for Youth Club. As it was actually our anniversary we let the boys stay up and eat Chinese takeaway and watch the film Wonder (this has since prompted the 10 year old to read the book).

Friday The Sensory Seeker wanted to watch Wonder again and the 10 year old played with Gravitrax that we were reviewing. My husband was home in the morning as he had to see a specialist and it was strange not to be able to use the table. He went to work and the boys and I spent most of our day up town, because the 10 year old has been complaining about his eyes and so we selected some frames for him but had to wait for an optician to print a voucher and measure his head. Whilst waiting we did some Father’s Day shopping and the library. We had to get some food shopping for my husband’s Nan and then quickly dashed home to put our frozen food away before heading off to Explore Learning. On the evening I went out with my friends and we came 2nd in the pub quiz!gravitrax

Saturday we did Parkrun and cleaning (and I did some sleeping) and the boys played Fortnite. Sunday was Father’s day and I was sorting out paperwork whilst the boys played Fortnite with their dad.

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2 thoughts on “Home Education Week After I came back from Italy”

  1. Sounds like running is taking off in your house but not as much as forest school. there is something about learning in nature that is very appealing to kids. Elder flower cordial might just be the one I need for activity hour this week. Thank you for the idea and congratulations on your 15 years together!

  2. You have been busy…
    The forest school sounds fantastic. Making catapults sound like a lot of fun.
    My girls love the film Wonder. My teen too read the book because of it. #CountryKids


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