Real Nappy Week 2012

Today (16th April) marks the start of Real Nappy Week 2012 and it runs on to the 22nd April.

You can find a wealth of information on all things Real Nappy Week related over at Go Real

Why Use Real Nappies?

  • You will never run out of nappies (as long as you wash them) – important in this economic climate.
  • You can use them with more than one child, and even use them as cleaning rags etc when you’ve finished having children.
  • Apparently it is easier to toilet train a child who has grown up in real nappies too.
  • They cushion the bum more.
  • And you have to admit they look really cute.

From my experience there are a lot of different types – terry towelling are the cheapest but possibly the  most fiddly.

There’s one you stuff (pockets), ones like disposables – well just lots. Try and either go to somewhere like the Babyshow to see the different types or go to a Nappuccino meeting (which is like a nappy library with coffee).

Then you need to think about your liners.

You can buy flushable liners – which obviously are less messy. But you can just cut out the shapes from a piece of fleece – which also helps draw the wee away from the body. You can just hold the fleece over the toilet and flush the faeces away.

Again you can use disposable wipes or you can buy “reusable wipes” which are really just cheap flannels. I found this much easier because you can just throw it in with the reusable nappy and it can all go into the washing machine. If you have disposables then you have to separate the two. And obviously reusables also save you more money.

If it’s the washing of the nappies that put you off there are companies that will wash for you. We had a nappy bucket where we put all the nappies. White wine vinegar and some tea tree drops really help get rid of any unwanted smells.

If it’s the price why not start with some second hand nappies – ebay do not allow this anymore but there are plenty of other places that do if you look.

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12 thoughts on “Real Nappy Week 2012”

  1. The cloth nappy thing is intriguing, though we’re on disposables for now! May have a good look into the options 🙂

  2. I love. love, love real nappies. Wish I had started using them sooner, and will definitely never go back to disposables. Just linked my post up 🙂

  3. Always used terry nappies and and a disposable liner… So much easier and cheaper than having to find the cash all the time to buy disposable ones, never cost me more to wash as they made up the white load.. Win win all round for me… 25 years later I’m still using then to clean windows and as dusters, they are still pure white too…


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