Saving Water in the Home

tap running water

Recently our water provider installed a Water Meter stating that we could carry on paying the way we are on a fixed rate that but in the near future everyone will be charged for the amount of water they use. After some research I discovered we are at risk of many, if not most, people … Read more

Saving Money Online

money lose change coins falling out of a wallet

When it comes to money I am more of a saver than a spender. When I was younger my parents used to call me a meiser and I used to make piles with my pocket money and count it over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I also want … Read more

Happy Christmas For Less

Christmas Presents under the tree by Andrew Neel

Christmas is celebrated worldwide and majorly it is enjoyed by the kids. There is so much advertising aimed at children that sometimes they may be oblivious to the costs and/or the fact that sometimes things are tight and you may not afford the gifts they want. To avoid letting them down you can plan in advance to … Read more

Breakfree Holidays Daily Mail Codes

Fancy a cheap holiday? There’s even availability to go before the children go back to school! Then go to the website Collect 5 different passwords from the Daily Mail for booking starting Wednesday 3rd January RELAX BEACH SPADE HISTORIC CHILL Booking Office and Information is here Monday to Friday March 19, 26 April 2,9,16,23 30 May … Read more

Dumping Ground to Bedroom #HomeImprovementHero

This post is an entry into the Money Supermarket #HomeImprovementHero Competition. They provided me with £50 in order to see if  it is possible to change the look, feel and even functionality of a room on a low budget? I’m sure I am like many parents in that I always put my children first. So when it … Read more

Cadbury World – Birmingham

I’m sure every, if not most nearly every, child loves chocolate and so a trip to Cadbury World (if you are local enough to Birmingham, UK) is a must! We went a couple of years ago and, our then, 2-year-old wasn’t speaking very much, but his new word was chocolate (funny as our children don’t … Read more

LC Swansea

If you were thinking of where to go on holiday in the UK and what places you could visit whilst there – then I really recommend going to Swansea and visiting the LC (or if it’s within travelling distance – we made it a day trip but it was a long way to go).A couple … Read more