Party Time

So our little boy turned 3 last month. He doesn’t say a lot but one day he uttered the words “Party!” Unfortunately it was too late in the day to get the hall for his birthday and the absolute only time it wasn’t booked up was the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend. All he … Read more

Real Nappy Week 2012

Today (16th April) marks the start of Real Nappy Week 2012 and it runs on to the 22nd April. You can find a wealth of information on all things Real Nappy Week related over at Go Real Why Use Real Nappies? You will never run out of nappies (as long as you wash them) – … Read more

Earth Day

What better way to teach children about the World around them and how to preserve and protect it than by joining in with Earth Day (Sunday April 22nd 2012). The first picture below, is of a tree in our backgarden. You cannot really tell from this picture but the tree has died. But it doesn’t … Read more

How One Hour Can Help Save the World

This Saturday 31st March at 8:30pm people will unite by turning off their lights for one hour. Visit the website for more information and to download an activity book to help teach the children about the environment. Go beyond the hour and consider how you can ┬ámake a change. We really enjoyed our time together … Read more