How One Hour Can Help Save the World

This Saturday 31st March at 8:30pm people will unite by turning off their lights for one hour.

Visit the website for more information and to download an activity book to help teach the children about the environment.

Go beyond the hour and consider how you can  make a change.

We really enjoyed our time together as a family when we did it.

We went further than turning off our lights and turned off electrical items (with the exception of the fridge freezer). We spent more time together playing board games by candle light.

We considered how long term turning things off more could save us money. So we now turn off at the socket everything not in use – kettle, microwave, cooker, etc. Do we really need yet another clock telling us the time?

Whether it will be to take more showers than baths – what will you change to help?

5 thoughts on “How One Hour Can Help Save the World”

  1. Count me in for this one. I might even turn off the TV and other devices and have a conversation with someone for an hour. Or… do something else instead.

  2. That’s so lovely – and I love the idea of playing games by candlelight, it would really get the kids on board


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