Tips for Saving Money on Clothes

With the costing of living crisis most of us are having to tighten our belts. Therefore, we thought it was a good idea to look at where our money went. From this I have had a really good think about how we could be saving money on spending and generated these tips for saving money on clothes.

saving money on clothes

Give yourself Time before Purchasing

First of all you need to stop and give yourself time before purchasing new clothes. Ask yourself whether you really need to buy them or not. Are you buying them out of want or need? Can you do without it? What would happen if you didn’t buy it? If you left it a week before buying them – would you still make that purchase?

A good trick I heard of is to think in terms of how much you would need to work to buy something. Is it really worth that time? Think about the bigger picture – what’s more important that purchase or freedom from debt, mortgage free home, a holiday, investing in the future (for you and/or your children/family) or early retirement? Could you transfer the money you would have spent on the clothing to a savings account or off the mortgage?

Why do you want to Spend Money on Clothes?

Another thing to consider is what made you think about this purchase? What was it that made you want it? Was it advertising or something you happened to see – or was it a conscious choice? Step away from accounts/shops/things to tempt you. Really think about your online usage and where you may be being targeted, perhaps without realising. When you do go into shops then go armed with a list of the things you really need so that you are not tempted. If it is really bad also only take the amount of money you need with you!

Looking after your Clothes

You can save money by looking after your clothes to give them a longer life. Thinking carefully about how you wash, dry and store them. Fabric conditioner is not always good for certain fabrics for instance, but white vinegar makes a better alternative. Are you separating your washing? Keeping the washing machine clean so that it does not mark the clothes, or make them smell. This can be particularly important if there are any sensory requirements with clothes.

clothes on washing line

Clothes that are needed

Sometimes we do need to buy clothes. Whether that’s because the school uniform no longer fits, there’s holes in our pants or a special occasion has arisen – are just a few examples of when this could occur.

Second-Hand Clothes

Obviously underwear is an exception but everything else could you think about whether it needs to be new? Could you buy second hand or even borrow things from friends or family; say for an important function.

zero waste christmas rail of clothes in charity shop

Tips for Shopping for Clothes

Could you shop around; remembering that actually the cheapest might not be the best as may need replacing more quickly. Designer retail outlets often hold cheaper stock. Look out for sales but don’t get sucked in. Can you buy in bulk?

Buy clothes out of season. In the winter try to just add more layers to summer clothes.

Look out for shops where they give vouchers for taking your old stuff in.

Careful to check return rights; can you get a full refund if you change your mind, or just exchange/credit note?

Try clothes on in the shop – you might not be so keen once you are wearing them.

Buy children’s clothing where you can – it has no VAT on it!

shopping for clothes

Eco Clothing

Try to shop locally. Brands that manufacture in the same country that they operate will help avoid excessive carbon emissions from import-export activities. Thinking about the ethics of the clothes – who made them and how far have they travelled. Have they been bulk produced or are they high quality? Choose natural materials like organic cotton and bamboo. Consider whether the brand is sustainable.

Mend and Upcycle

Could you instead of buying something new mend or upcycle something old? If you repair your clothes you also lower their carbon emissions by keeping them longer! Also you could do this with something second hand as well as things you already have. As well as charity shops there are many people giving away things for free.

saving money on clothes by mending your old ones

Long Term Buying of Clothes

Over the long term you could challenge yourself not to buy clothes for a period of time. If you really feel you need to buy them in that time you will require a really good reason. A good idea is to discover what clothes you already have do you actually use.

You could do this by either having a declutter (thinking about why you bought things you wish to get rid of in the first place); or by putting the clothes that you do wear in a separate place (drawer/cupboard) and think about the clothes left behind that were not worn. Again asking yourself what was it that lead to their purchase, and why have you kept them? Would you buy them again?

Your unworn clothes could then be sold or help with the cycle of people providing free clothes by donating yours; either to charity or on free sites to help others.

4 thoughts on “Tips for Saving Money on Clothes”

  1. I rarely buy new clothes for myself, I will wear mine until they are falling to bits. lol but my girls love buying clothes but always look for bargains. My eldest got a Simpsons hoodie yesterday for £3 and some t-shirts for £1 each from Primark in the reduced section.
    Great advice!

  2. This is all very wise and I must say I do follow a lot of these tips myself anyway and have done for at least the last 20 years! The only things I don’t do are buy secondhand – just because I can’t be bothered with how much longer it would take to find the right thing – and mend stuff – just because I don’t know how to sew! Like Kim, I wear my clothes until they are falling apart – they just get relegated from weekend clothes to weekday clothes as they get older.
    There are a lot of people who could do more though to help both their own finances and the planet.

  3. All good advice.
    For me, I simply don’t go shopping unless I actually need something. Like you, I buy new underwear but for shorts, tee shirts etc., I get what I can from charity shops or in clearance sales.
    Fortunately, I am quite easy on my clothes and they last me a long time. Many people wear once and wash but I try to wear longer between washes, obviously paying attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness. This has the added benefit of saving on energy and also makes the clothes last longer.


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