If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the letter R. It seemed obvious to do RUBBISH My children are used to recycling because they know which “bins” each products go to (or go for washing up) so I thought we’d concentrate on reusing. I decided to … Read more

I Spy Something Beginning with G

So this is the photo meme I Spy brought to you by Mum of One who will pick a letter of the alphabet (or chose someone to pick it) for us to I Spy with. This week it is G. For how I have been teaching G this week see here I looked and looked at my Eco cleaning book … Read more

Real Nappy Week 2012

Today (16th April) marks the start of Real Nappy Week 2012 and it runs on to the 22nd April. You can find a wealth of information on all things Real Nappy Week related over at Go Real Why Use Real Nappies? You will never run out of nappies (as long as you wash them) – … Read more