If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the letter R.

It seemed obvious to do RUBBISH


My children are used to recycling because they know which “bins” each products go to (or go for washing up) so I thought we’d concentrate on reusing.

I decided to use some old rags and make a letter R Rabbit. Although we thought it looked more like a Raccoon and their dad thought it was a rat !!


I also wanted to do something that wasn’t painting and/or glueing. I’m not very good at sewing so thought if I could introduce  some basics now it would give them a better chance of learning themselves.


We took an old vest and drew a letter R on some paper.


We then pinned them together so it didn’t move whilst we cut them out.


I explained to him about what things were – needle, eyes of needle, pin cushion, thimble, cotton, threading.


We also used some old buttons for eyes. I always remember my mom had a whole box of buttons – she used to take  them off clothes when they were turned into rags for dusters etc. I used to play with them, count them, put them into groups, do maths with them etc, etc.


And then we drew on some whiskers.


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