Saving Water in the Home

tap running water

Recently our water provider installed a Water Meter stating that we could carry on paying the way we are on a fixed rate that but in the near future everyone will be charged for the amount of water they use. After some research I discovered we are at risk of many, if not most, people … Read more

The Weekend Box – EAT, EXPLORE, MAKE, GREEN #Review

weekend box review

Sometimes you want to be able to entertain the children without having to put too much thought into it. For me anything that helps entertain them whilst encouraging them to come away from the various screens around them is always a bonus. So I was really keen to review the Weekend box: Something to EAT, … Read more

16 Kids and Counting Interview with Sue Radford: Part 3

sue and noel radford sitting on a big chair

The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th January 2012  Channel 4 9pm The whole family are also appearing on This Morning which involves a trip to London. Sue Radford, now a mother of 16 children and a grandmother agreed to an interview with me. See PART ONE HERE and PART TWO HERE   Do you have any financial advice to give? You bought … Read more

16 Kids and Counting: Interview with Sue Radford Part 2

I think that no matter what you do as a parent, whatever approach you take, then there’s always going to be someone telling you that their way is better, but with 16 Children I think that the Radfords are more in a position than most to comment. The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th … Read more


If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the letter R. It seemed obvious to do RUBBISH My children are used to recycling because they know which “bins” each products go to (or go for washing up) so I thought we’d concentrate on reusing. I decided to … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2012 – Ladies Do try the Mooncup

Anyone who has met me has most likely heard me bang on about how wonderful the Mooncup is! (especially if I’ve had a drink!!). You can read about my first experiences of one here. With National Zero Waste Week coming up it’s a simple way you could make a change that I’m sure you wont regret! … Read more

My First Time

I heard of Mooncups years ago – guess when you visit parenting forums it’s one of those things that come up. It was always something yukky – people don’t like change do they?! And so it was never something I had actually thought about using. When I think about it I’d not even looked at … Read more