My First Time

I heard of Mooncups years ago – guess when you visit parenting forums it’s one of those things that come up. It was always something yukky – people don’t like change do they?! And so it was never something I had actually thought about using. When I think about it I’d not even looked at a picture of one, never mind actually giving it some consideration.


What changed my mind? Actually it wasn’t even that long ago and I don’t know what it was that got me thinking about them. What I do know is that I kept leaking (and at people’s houses and it was embarrassing). That tampons were getting increasingly expensive. That I hate waste. I never know which flow to buy, or end up running out of a certain type and using the wrong one just because it’s what’s available. That I can’t just reinsert tampons – so if I’d just put it in and then changed my mind and wanted a bath it would just be wasted. That if I sneeze, and every time I go to the toilet I have to change them – again a huge waste or forward planning is required.

Then I read a blog post (You can read it HERE) and basically it told me that if I tried it for 3 months and didn’t like it then I could get my money back – result! What did I have to lose! There was also a discount code as it was Christmas so it only cost me £17.99 – and over the 10 years it’s meant to last that would be nothing would it! (Never did check whether I’m entitled to my money back but everywhere does say give it 3 months.

It came in a pretty envelope – but it did have the senders address on the back which had the words Mooncup also on it – so if I was ashamed then it was too late now. Inside the envelope it had a nice bag to keep it in.


On first glance it seemed a bit big to me. But once it’s folded up it’s not too bad – and I reminded myself that actually compared to say the size of those babies that have come out of me it is actually very tiny! I read that it may be difficult to get used to but at first I had no trouble with it at all. I started using it at the end of my period (as suggested) and then I started the next month quiet lightly (unlike me), which meant I had time to get used to it. I started trimming the tail off as it sometimes was uncomfortable – but mainly it was psychological I feel.

Straight away I felt confident with it and the amount of blood coming out you could see in the measurement gage. I then looked up how much on average women lose – and thought this must be a shorter period because I could actually see that I’d lost nearly that amount already.

I thought about the difference between the cup and tampon in that the tampon kept the blood all stuck next to me, where as the cup collected it away from me. That it made sense that it would be quicker to collect in a cup rather than use a sponge type system.

I read about using it in the bath/shower and thought about going swimming – and yes it was like not being on a period. Just wore it in the bath and got out – no need to quickly get sanitary wear or have blood dripping down my leg!

I felt confident and even wore it out of the house.

But then on the school run, whilst carrying my 2 and half year old some distance, it sort of knocked out of place and leaked. It also leaked during the night.

I had started so well and the leaking really put me off.

It was actually only when I returned to my faithful tampons and they leaked that I really noticed the difference. When I say the Mooncup leaked it was literally just a bit in my knickers to be honest – and let’s say when the tampon leaked it was not at all pretty and I even had to have a bath!!

The situation with cutting the tail and that bit of it had made me feel a bit uncomfortable though so I thought that I’d leave it until next month now.

The Good Points

  • You don’t need to take anything obvious into the toilet with you.
  • No need to worry about how heavy your flow is.
  • Can put in before your period is due so you don’t get caught out.
  • No risk of TSS.
  • No need to worry about the amount of sanitary protection you are carrying around with you – or running out.
  • No need to find a bin to dispose of any packaging.
  • No waste going to landfill.
  • No string in the way.
  • Leaking isn’t as bad as leaking with a string!
  • Use the disabled toilet when out if you really feel the need to wash it at the sink. Alternatively take some toilet wipes with you.
  • Slowly cut the stem off a bit of a time until you feel comfortable.
  • Pinch the bottom of the cup slightly to break the suction in order to retrieve it.


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22 thoughts on “My First Time”

  1. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of this before, it’s an interesting concept, I will go off and find out a bit more about it

  2. Hi, I found your blog on Netmums – looking to see which one of mine was visible that day.

    I’ve been using Mooncup for years. And have even replace it (have been using it that long). If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t have is I guess what I’m saying.

    The reason I initially got one is that it is much more eco friendly and saves an absolute fortune. I, like many women feel that the added VAT on sanitary protection is daylight robbery – sanitary protection after all, is NOT a luxury!

    After my 2nd child I had SPD (promblems with the pubic area that is extremely painful in short) and the inability to hold my ‘flow’ if I coughed, sneezed, got up too quickly – you get the message!

    It was then, that I realised that the Mooncup was a ‘genius’ invention (used initially by female astronauts – hence the name).

    If I have a heavy period, there is the risk of a little spillage – but believe me (and I know you do) that risk is far reduced to the mess I would have made if using a tampon.

    I was going to add that if you use the disabled toilets (or any toliet with a sink – some baby changing rooms for instance), then you can give it a rinse – but you already covered that at the end of your post. Another idea if you are goign to be a bit stuck and would prefer to wash it ‘every’ time you nip to the loo or are on a heavy period is to take a bottle of water (just a small 300 or 500 ml bottle) and pop in your handbag. Everyone will think you are just carrying drinking water – but you can take this into the loo with you and give it a little rinse!

    I swim every week and I’m in the pool for over an hour and have ‘never’ had a problem while wearing the Mooncup. I always nip to the loo before I get in the pool and make sure it’s empty and rinsed.

    To round of the reasons why all women should try this, I have found it quite liberating to be in control (and I’ve not been in control of much else) of how my period effects me.

    Thanks for being brave enough to post this – I’ve always wanted to and might now write an article for my own blog.

  3. I use a keeper, which is essentially the same thing…I’m pretty sure. I use it on my regular days, but on my heavy days I have to use a panty liner. Which is still less waste than all those tampons. But I don’t sleep with it in. Glad you like it!

  4. This is a really interesting post. I considered mooncups a while ago but didn’t get round to buying one. I don’t need one right now as I’m Breastfeeding but with money being tight I would definitely prefer these to going back to tampons.

  5. I love my mooncup…granted i have only just started using it. I can’t wait till i can use it again. your right about feeling like your not on a period …don’t knock it till you try it i say x x great post.

    • Thanks. Have you got to use it again yet?
      My tail is pretty much cut right off and I found that helped a lot.
      Thanks for commenting think it really helps others to know that people are using them too.

  6. I don’t know how I managed to miss this post!

    I love my mooncup. So much easier to use than tampons, much more comfortable and more hygenic. I also like to be able to see how much blood there is. Is that a bit gross?

    I told my friend about it, she thought it was disgusting! I’m glad there are open minded people out there. I would never go back

    • I’m loving how I don’t need to worry about toilets that don’t flush and finally comfortable with not “having” to clean it every time.

      Glad you’ve discovered it too and thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Day one of wearing my mooncup. First realised I couldn’t walk without cutting some of the tail off. Then after a walk to the shops cut more off, then after the school run cut it all off. Much better. I was even brave enough to do a Zumba class with it in. I was very paranoid, convinced it was going to fall on the floor and spill everywhere with all that jumping around, but you know what – there wasn’t even a leak. If it can survive Zumba it can survive anything

    • Oh I am so glad it’s going well. You are brave. I keep meaning to try swimming but I would have 2 small children with me too – even though I am sure it would be fine. Thanks for posting up your experience 🙂

  8. Great write up – I love that you’ve covered all the gorey details 🙂 Thanks for joining in with the BritMums green roundup this month and helping spread the word to make the world greener 😉


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