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We all experience and deal with pain differently – there’s no two ways about it. Whilst some women quietly and easily give birth others of us feel like if we experience any more of this pain we will surely die! Some of us are happy to call for as many drugs as quickly as possible and others wish to do it as naturally as possible.

My first born well I didn’t really feel that much pain in the first stage of labour – well I was used to very painful periods – and to be honest it wasn’t much different. I had gone in to be induced and was “waiting” when I felt these “twinges” I thought “might be” labour. I was only young (18 but looked younger) and one of the nice nurses said that if I wanted any gas and air just to ask. Well after a while I thought, “you know what these twinges are a bit painful, and I’d like to try this gas & air”. The nurse said she’d just examine me and it turned out I was 7cm dilated and they rushed me downstairs. Stage 2 was PAINFUL. And no-one told me you have to push the shoulders out so that came as a big surprised, my baby turned a bit and tore me! Luckily I needed no stitches. He was 8lbs 13oz.

So we expected my second birth to go the same way – and arranged a homebirth  (you can read about that here – he was 8lbs 1oz). My 3rd was just so quick and so easy, so virtually painless in comparison that I ACTUALLY said in the delivery suite that I’d do it again!  He was 7lbs 3oz.

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My 4th time was scary though. My waters broke at 35 weeks. I just couldn’t push him out. Now when you tell someone you have a needle phobia they really think that what you mean is that you don’t particularly like needles – and well who does.  I refused to have a drip, or any other type of needle near me. I’d been pushing too long. I was crying and shaking at the thought of having a needle and in the end the doctor used forceps with gas & air. I don’t know why I didn’t think I’d have to push any more – just had no energy left. OMG that was PAIN! He was 7lbs 1oz.

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And there we have it – my 4 experiences of birth and pain. I’m a screamer too – but only when it gets really bad, not right at the start. I’d rather naturally scream it out than have drugs; as to me it’s part of the experience.

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9 thoughts on “One Born Every Minute #Pain”

  1. I too was under the illusion once the head came out the rest ‘flopped’ out with ease. Thinking back, I have a vague recolection of our Antenatal teacher explaining this with a plastic pelvis and doll but it obviously got lost amongst all the other info 😀

  2. 4 babies and 4 different labours. It is quite incredible isn’t it? I am not a fan of needles, but a true phobia must be awful! x

  3. My first experience was so bad that watching One Born makes me never want to do it again. I am a total wimp and I’m pretty much certain that my birth all went wrong because I couldn’t deal with the pain. Well done for doing it four times! x


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