Adenomyosis – Being Told I have it And What I know

April is Adenomyosis awareness month. At the age of forty-five I found out recently that I have this. There wasn’t much explanation about it at all but I will tell you how I found out and what I know.

How I Found Out I Have Adenomyosis

For as long as I can remember I have always suffered from heavy bleeding on my periods. In fact when I was 14 the doctor put me on the contraceptive pill after bleeding heavily for 28 days. Obviously I was always tired and had lots of blood tests to discover the cause. They never did.

Fast forward to recently and you may know that I am on HRT. Well the doctors are never the same ones and kept changing how I took it etc. It was going fine but I started to bleed more than once in the 4 week cycle. The doctor then changed me back to hormone patches and upped the dose to 75. But she also wanted to send me for a scan to rule out any polyps or something more sinister.

Adenomyosis can ause heavy bleeding

Luckily this was quickly and easily done by an internal (transvaginal) ultrasound at the local hospital. This is my understanding, forgive me if the terminology isn’t right. But honestly it didn’t take long at all. Worst thing was the sonographer laughed when I mentioned that last time one of those wands to scan inside me was used was when we discovered that our unborn foetus had definitely died. Hopefully she just heard me wrong!

What the Doctor Told me

Following the scan I was told that I had Adenomyosis. That basically this was like endometriosis but to do with the muscles. This didn’t really mean that much to me to be honest. All I knew was that those with endometriosis can struggle to have children: When I have had four live births (and 3 miscarriages). Turns out I am not the only one!

That it would account for the awful cramps and heavy bleeding a bit more. Not to worry unless sex was painful and then I should contact the doctor.

What I have Found Out Online About Adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is a gynecologic condition that causes endometrial tissue in the lining of the uterus to grow into the muscular wall of the uterus. It enlarges the uterus and may lead to very heavy menstrual bleeding. It can also cause menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure and bloating before menstrual periods.

Most commonly diagnosed in those over the age of 30. It can be treated with hormone therapy – and seeing as I am already on HRT this should help. Other helpful suggestions are things I am sure you already know such as using a hot water bottle and painkillers for relief.

Do you have Adenomyosis or know any further information about it?

3 thoughts on “Adenomyosis – Being Told I have it And What I know”

  1. I have never heard of Adenomyosis before. This was and interesting read. It’s good that the HRT is helping. I used to suffer with heavy, painful periods but then got the contraceptive implant which really helped.

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey with adenomyosis. Your openness about your diagnosis and experience sheds light on a condition that many may not be familiar with. By sharing your story, you’re providing valuable support and information to others who may be going through similar challenges. It’s inspiring to see you raise awareness and advocate for understanding and support for those living with adenomyosis.


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