Adenomyosis – Being Told I have it And What I know

April is Adenomyosis awareness month. At the age of forty-five I found out recently that I have this. There wasn’t much explanation about it at all but I will tell you how I found out and what I know. How I Found Out I Have Adenomyosis For as long as I can remember I have … Read more

How to do Yoga when you are worried about Leaks

Diary Doll pants helping women with leaks be more cinfident

Yoga is good for core stability, strength, flexibility, relaxation, de-stressing and balancing for body, mind and soul. But one thing that worries me about doing Yoga is what happens when it is the time of the month. I have awfully heavy periods and tend to leak – which could result in things being VERY embarrassing. … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2012 – Ladies Do try the Mooncup

Anyone who has met me has most likely heard me bang on about how wonderful the Mooncup is! (especially if I’ve had a drink!!). You can read about my first experiences of one here. With National Zero Waste Week coming up it’s a simple way you could make a change that I’m sure you wont regret! … Read more