16 Kids and Counting Interview with Sue Radford: Part 3

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The whole family are also appearing on This Morning which involves a trip to London.
Sue Radford, now a mother of 16 children and a grandmother agreed to an interview with me.


Do you have any financial advice to give? You bought your own home. Is there any advice you feel others could benefit from how you got onto the property ladder?

We did by our own home, we were very lucky to have bought our council house, otherwise we wouldn’t have what we have now. It helped us get on the property ladder all those years ago. We also never live beyond our means, if we can’t afford something then we don’t get it.


Do you have any tips on making holidays more affordable? Tips for travelling with children? Planning ideas on actually getting away.
For us we have found that not going through a travel company has saved us a lot of money. We could never afford to go through a travel company. We book direct with the hotel now, and book flights in a block booking, so that means we save loads. I think when you are travelling with children we find that buying things like nappies and wipes and baby milk before we go saves loads, because they are double the price abroad.  We also take a little paddling pool to keep the little ones happy. I also always make sure I have sachets of Calpol in my hand luggage, just in case. It always takes me about 3 weeks to pack for a weeks holiday, then when we get home another 2 weeks catching up with the washing. But for us our family holiday is a must because of how hard we work during the year. (Sue’s blog post on getting away).
How do you relax? And how do you make time for yourself?
We relax at night in front of the telly quite often, with the older ones as company.


Do you have any advice about what makes a relationship work?
 We have just started a date night because we realised that we really need to spend more time as a couple. And so we stopped in a hotel for the night, and it was lovely to spend quality time together.
You are renewing your wedding vows. How important do you feel marriage is?
We are renewing our wedding vows on the 26th January, and we can’t wait!!  All the children are very excited. We always said when we get to 20 years we will renew our vows. I think marriage is important, especially if you have children; but I also know a lot of people don’t believe in marriage.

Thank you to Sue Radford for this interview. 

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You can find The Radford Family on their blog and you can contact them on sue@theradfordfamily.co.uk

5 thoughts on “16 Kids and Counting Interview with Sue Radford: Part 3”

  1. I think it very nice that you are blessed with a great family and that you love them all but I dot mean this to sound horrible but dont you think 17 children is enough, I commend good parents like yourselves but I am also thinking of the people who cannot have children, I am also lucky as I have four wonderful kids but I think the tv company should think of the feelings of the people who cannot have children they must feel so upset and angry (possibly) when they see programmes like these with people in large families like the duggars who have 19 children maybe more now. They must think that programmes like these are made so people feel sorry for them and send help whether it financial or simply a gift, I mean I have four and even I have had people judge me for having FOUR kids. I wish the best for you all but please spare a thought for lesser fortunate people and consider their feelings( directed at tv company who makes the programme).

  2. Surely it is about choice, and the tv programme is showing how you can have that choice, and how you don’t have to be on benefits to achieve it either. That sometimes people land in difficult circumstance due to no fault of their own and that we shouldn’t judge. I think if people are going to be upset then they should be adult enough not to watch the programme. I could give other examples here of how people may be offended by things on tv, but I have chose not to further upset them.

  3. It’s about choice .
    They are not living off the state so who cares as long as they are all happy and healthy.
    I was impressed how grounded they all are.
    I’m not from a large family but my husband us one of seven.
    No one was loved any less .

  4. Wow! 17, I don’t see as anyone should persecute, criticise or comment about your choice to have 17…just because they can’t have children themselves, which is a difficult circumstance, however for those that cannot have their own, there are many children out there desperate for a home family cleanliness love and to feel wanted, these 17 are very much wanted and the comparison I feel is a little off the scale and unjust. I commend your patience time and endless love for your children 🙂

  5. I hear that her and her daughter are both pregnant at the same time again. Can’t tell me this is not costing the nhs. What about tax credits and child benefit 17 kids is a lot to be paying out.


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