International Women’s Day Hanns Big Sleepout

International Women’s Day Hanns Big Sleepout

International Women’s Day #iwd2014 is this Saturday, March 8th 2014, so I wanted to share with you what the inspirational mother of 12 Emma Hann is up to now, which includes promoting the Big Sleepout 2014.

Hanns Soup Kitchen

Emma Hann has been helping to run Graham’s Soup Kitchen on a Saturday night, which is non-funded in Dundee City Centre from the boot of the car. It was started by an ex-serviceman who found himself temporarily homeless after leaving the services, he never forgot what it was like, so came into town every Saturday night to share his dinner and conversation with anyone who turned up. It’s been running for 4 years, he did it himself for 3! Then he passed it over to 5 groups who take turns to run it. It really opened up Emma’s eyes to the realisation that homelessness can happen to anyone.

big sleep out

With this in mind Emma is helping to promote the Bethany Christian Trust annual sleep out, which is to raise funds to help the homeless and raise awareness. It is being held in different cities in Scotland, the one in Dundee is in the gardens of a church. It will run from 10pm to 7am on Friday 21st March 2014. Bethany Christian Trust will have workers watch over everyone at night, and provide hot drinks and soup through the night. Emma likes her children to be aware of other people who have a tough life. So the Hanns are going to sleep outside with no tents, just the provided cardboard boxes for shelter. Two of Emma’s daughters are away abroad, serving voluntary missions so will not be taking part in the sleep out. The Hann’s oldest daughter Rachel is looking after the smaller children at her house. This means there will mean there are going to be 8 or 9 members of the Hann family taking part.

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  1. I remember this family from the tv series about larger families, they seem lovely – well done to them for taking this initiative to help out others in need

  2. I like to think of myself as a caring person and each and everytime i see people homeless I feel the need to help, this is a fantastic project, even on our holiday we plan to help those who are homeless by providing food and clothes to a Shelter in San Francisco, we have had a few donations sent already and Everton are providing some clothes for us to take with us x

  3. I take my hat off to them – how selfless and such a wonderful thing to do to raise awareness. I like the sound of their mobile soup kitchen. My brother used to collect unsold sandwiches etc from the cafes in Bournemouth when he was at Uni there and distribute them to the homeless.


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