Lego Brick Costume for Big Yellow Friday

Lego Costume for Big Yellow Friday

Lego has been a favourite in our house for a long time. As I have said before it is the one of the things that really unites the boys across the age differences. Lego can be used for solitary play and as part of a team. They all really loved The Lego Movie and it has really prompted them to play with Lego even more. So when it came to needing a costume for Big Yellow Friday it seemed the obvious choice.

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

Originally I thought about making a Lego man – yellow face paint, yellow gloves, and a cardboard shirt. Or using paper cups cut in half and painted yellow, for hands (but I wasn’t sure how he’d hold them). After a browse on Pinterest (there are so many I am not going to credit a particular one as I don’t remember whose I saw first), I decided to go for a Lego Brick.

How to make a Lego Brick Costume

Ideally a cardboard box would be best, but I did not have one and I did have some corrugated cardboard packaging from my canvas delivery. I made a rectangle shape around my son and cut out some holes where his arms would feed through. Then I turned a small plate upside-down and drew around it on some more cardboard, to make the bumps (or studs) for the top of the brick. For each Lego stud I drew around 2 circles, to ensure they had some depth.

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

We originally tried painting the cardboard yellow but this would have taken so many layers and it looked wishy-washy. We then painted it blue, with the idea that Lego had a yellow association and we would paint our son’s face. The night before Big Yellow Friday we decided that the costume was too long (and our son would not be able to actually do any school work in it/go to the toilet), and that it wasn’t “yellow” – which was the whole point of the costume. So we started again.

This time we made the costume much shorter, and this also meant that we folded the cardboard in half, making it less flimsy. My husband did a bit of engineering and strengthened the corners with folded up pieces of cardboard (which he stapled in). This time we used yellow gift paper to cover the cardboard and make it yellow. Finally we glued the studs to the box, and let it dry overnight.

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

About Big Yellow Friday

I then went and had tea and cakes at my son’s school’s coffee morning in aid of Big Yellow Friday. Big Yellow Friday is the first Friday in March. It is to help families affected by childhood liver disease. Every day at least two children in the UK will be diagnosed with a liver disease. They are no-one’s fault, have no cure and mean a lifetime of care. Funds raised can help against the effects of childhood liver disease, providing information, emotional support, research funds, and a voice for all affected.

Big Yellow Friday

Find out more at Big Yellow Friday 

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  1. That is a fabulous costume and really does look easy to make – I’ve never heard of big yellow Friday before and have a friend whose child has liver issues – must ask if she has. xx


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