Halloween Make-Up Effects

halloween make up

Halloween is a great time to get creative and dress up. It doesn’t have to be expensive to get into the spirit of things – and you can get really effective looks with make-up. This does not need to be by a professional and can be done at home. Eleven year old Katie Long loves … Read more

Alice in Wonderland Dressing Up World Book Day

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Dressing up doesn’t have to be expensive and it can be so much fun! Not only that but it can give new confidence – pretending to be someone or something else; develop creativity, imagination and thinking skills. Of course I am belatedly sharing with you my boys’ costumes from World Book Day – but they … Read more

Harry Potter at Gloucester Cathedral

Harry Potter at Gloucester Cathedral

With World Book Day coming up I am sure that Harry Potter is a popular choice for dressing up as. Wizard costumes are quite simple and can be utilised for so many of the characters including Harry Potter, Hermione Jean Granger, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. My boys were sent a wizard costume each from … Read more

Super Heroes Day – World Record Attempt!

Super Heroes Day - World Record Attempt!

We absolutely love DC Superheroes especially our youngest who turns 6 next week. So imagine our delighted when we heard that this Saturday 18th April 2015 On Saturday 18th April, Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Toys R Us are aiming to set a World Record for the most amount of people dressed up superheroes at … Read more

Lego Brick Costume for Big Yellow Friday

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

Lego Costume for Big Yellow Friday Lego has been a favourite in our house for a long time. As I have said before it is the one of the things that really unites the boys across the age differences. Lego can be used for solitary play and as part of a team. They all really … Read more

Spring Dressing Up with Paper Plates and Other things

spring dressing up

I love spending some quality time with my children. One way to have some quality family fun is to do something crafty. This time we made some Spring Dressing up masks from paper plates. We decided to go with Rabbits and Sheep. We started by drawing and cutting out the eyes. We didn’t want to … Read more

Home-made Superheroes Villains

Home made superheroes villains

There is nothing more precious than spending time with your children – for both them and you. Half term was a marvellous opportunity to do this and it need not be expensive. We spent quality time together playing Superheroes (and Villains) and Lego, inspired by watching The Lego Movie. I am currently planning a Superheroes … Read more

How to make a Chimney Sweep Brush

chimney sweep broom

Chimney Sweep costumes come up so much, at various times of the year. Obviously chimney sweeps need a brush! Here is how you can cheaply and easily make your own. Chimney Sweep Occasions Maybe your school has had some idea that they want your child to dress up as a Chimney Sweep for Victorian Day. … Read more

Daffodils and Bonnets

With it being Spring we decided to combine learning the letter D with Daffodils First simply cut out a letter D and colour it orange I never had any yellow paper so we painted a white sheet – I also think this adds to the fun, gives it more texture, and obviously the added skill … Read more