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Fans of LEGO® Batman will know that there’s a new LEGO® The Batman Movie out in the UK. My boys really enjoyed watching it last week and it was a wonderful combination of old meets new (especially when my son was asking me if Michael Jackson really did write Man in the Mirror!). Whether you have seen the film or plan on going to watch it, you are going to love the great range of LEGO® The Batman Movie books from Egmont UK. Each one is styled with iconic Batman colours, symbol and characters from the film, and priced only £5.99 or £6.99 each. Perfect for the holidays whether you are staying in, going to visit relatives or going on batman movie books giveaway

LEGO®  The Batman Movie: I AM BATMAN: The Dark Knight’s Activity Journal (with stickers)

Throughout the book it is colourful and well animated – keeping it visually appealing to encourage younger readers and make the book fun. It encourages the reader to learn new skills, be creative and use their imaginations. Plus there are 2 pages of awesome Batman associated stickers at the back.

I love how straight away you can feel Batman’s character as the Journal is straight away filled with Batman’s humour and love for himself. It is very interactive with pictures to draw, activities, stories, puzzles, Batman facts and all narrated by Batman himself.LEGO® The Batman Movie: I AM BATMAN: The Dark Knight’s Activity Journal (with stickers)

It is a great book for those LEGO® Batman fans who loved to draw or want to learn how. As well as those who want to be creative and love writing. I like the way journal helps to deal with issues children may have but in a subtle manner – such as saying that every super hero has an arch-nemesis (and what child hasn’t had a run-in with someone on at some point?!) It is a great size to pop in a bag to travel with – and more in line with a normal story book for older children.

ISBN: 978-1-4052-8627-5


The LEGO® Batman Movie Choose Your Super Hero Doodle Activity Book

This book is designed for Batman fans to discover how much of a fan they really are! It is the only one of the books which does not come complete with stickers and works a lot on drawing skills. Based on The Batman Movie it is filled with lots of characters from the film; focusing on the themes (such as how Batman has lots of different outfits) and asks questions that also relate to the messages learnt during the Movie (like the fact that Batman needs his team to rid Gotham City of The Joker!). This book encourages children to think and be creative.The LEGO® Batman Movie Choose Your Super Hero Doodle Activity Book

ISBN: 978-1-4052-8625-1

£6.99 or Amazon Prime £5.00

The LEGO® Batman Movie: Chaos in Gotham City

Again this book is filled with activities, story and comics plus an EXCLUSIVE MINIFIGURE Tartan Batman.  The many puzzles are at a simple level – such as finding the way through the maze, counting missing things, Spot the difference, Matching pictures, follow the brick path, and so on. With chances to get creative as well as relax and read/hear the stories as it all relates back to The LEGO® Batman batman movie books giveaway

This book is aimed at those seven plus and is easy and fun to read – with a lot of the text in speech bubbles. There is also the odd word to help stretch their vocabulary too – such as “reflection,” “terrorising,” and “reservation.” It also has more colour on the pages than the previous two books and is also bigger in size – appealing to a younger reader – with less words appearing close together.

Just like in The LEGO® Batman Movie, Batman says how he owns the greatest collection of costumes, and begins with introducing the Tartan Batman™. Later there is a story about Batman deciding on what to wear and a page that tells the reader to design an outfit for Batman.The LEGO® Batman Movie: Chaos in Gotham City

ISBN: 978-1-4052-8624-4

Ages 7+

£6.99 – or with Amazon Prime £3.49

LEGO®  The Batman Movie Ready, Steady, STICK!

Readers can help Batman by building vehicles and fighting his enemies to save the City together by using the stickers provided. Best of all the 200 stickers are reusable. This means that children can improve their fine motor skills putting the stickers in the exact places and enjoy the book/story over and over again. This bright and colourful book has each page full of the scene. This book is much simpler than the others – with the stickers helping guide the reader to the answers.LEGO® The Batman Movie Ready, Steady, STICK!

ISBN: 978-1-4052-8665-7


I love that the books picked up on the theme of Batman’s costumes. Dressing up is great fun and the books inspired my son to dig out his Batman costume and pretend to fight crime! We also saw how many new LEGO® Batman Costumes we could create with our various mini-figures – great for creativity and fine-motor development. I think it is great how the books allow so much development for children without them even realising it because they are just having fun. How learning should be. Using their mental skills, creative skills, artistic skills, fine motor skills – and even physical skills if they are jumping around as Superheroes!Super Heroes World Record Event - Oldbury Toys R Us

 We were not only lucky enough to be sent the four books, so that we could not only tell you all about them, but also offer one lucky reader in LEGO® The Batman Movie: Ready, Steady, Stick!  AND LEGO® The Batman Movie: I Am Batman! The Dark Knight’s Activity Journal a GIVEAWAY!

To enter you must complete the Rafflecopter Giveaway and read the Terms and Conditions within it. Watch the video and tell me in 10 words or more:

Which is your favourite of the LEGO Batman Costumes and why?

EDIT: To be clear the question relates to the LEGO Minifigures in the video below.

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80 thoughts on “LEGO® The Batman Movie Book Reviews and Giveaway”

  1. Batgirl is definitely my favourite. A female super hero, although, she does not have any super powers I love her outfit!

  2. I would have to say I like them all, but why do they all superhero’s wear their pants on the top of their clothes?

  3. My son loves the classic batman but my little girl was very pleased and happy to see batgirl who is now her favourite! xx

  4. Batgirl – Although I say that because my daughter is obsessed with her. She loves the colour purple so of course the purple outfit of Batgirl is amazing to my daughter!

  5. I love the robin costume, it’s bright and cheery and I don’t think robin gets the recognition he deserves

  6. Oops I was too brief! I think Batgirl’s costume is cool – love the purple and yellow as it’s not TOO girly and very striking and even better it’s a regular superhero costume – not a tiny bodysuit or short skirt.


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