Do you Remember your First Bike?

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I have a lot of fond memories as I think back to my first proper bike as a kid. I remember how scary it was learning to ride without stabilisers – my Uncle John telling me that he WAS holding on to the back of the bike – before looking back and seeing that I had been riding on my own! The feeling of achievement and pride at acquiring the skill. Being able to ride a bike gave me so much more freedom as I could get to places quicker (that seemed SO far away, but in reality weren’t).

My first proper bicycle (the one without stabilisers) had a white box at the end so I could put a packed lunch in and go out all day long. I would have loved to have the Raleigh Vextar with its Knight Rider Technology – it was the world’s first computer bike with microchipped technology. It was such a cool bike of the 1980s with its Star Wars styling and featuring a trip meter, radio plus advanced warning & alarm system (which came with eight sounds from the revolutionary sound generator). Back in the day these bikes were £300 with today’s equivalent being £750.remembering my first bike

Things have changed so much since the design of my first bicycle. I mean mine didn’t even have gears; something I found quite difficult to understand when I rode a bike again for the first time last year. Now I need to get back on a bike because it is time for my youngest to learn to cycle and due to his special needs I will need to keep up with him to ensure he is safe – and I think a bike of my own is the only way I am going to achieve that. I can’t wait to see that look of pride in his eyes as he achieves that first ride without toppling over.

The cool option for 2010s is the Electric bike. These work like a normal bike but with the addition of an electric motor and battery. This means that pedaling is still required but there’s extra oomph when you need it (I like that idea especially uphill!). Plus you can change how much or little of a boost you want. These are a much more environmentally friendly option for a daily commute too and cheaper than a car with an average price of at around £1000.
Popular bikes of 2010s

Choosing the right bike for our son is really important. We want him to be confident with the size and handling. By going into Halfords we were able to look at the various kids’ bikes and try them for size until he found one that he liked the most. Plus there are plenty of staff at hand to make sure we bought the correct fitting helmet and there are all the accessories you may need (lunch boxes, drinks bottles, bells, lights, locks etc). I am looking forward to many a family bike ride together now.

Do you remember your first bike?

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  1. Ah I distinctly remember my first one. Second hand, half the seat was missing so dad filled it in with building foam and there were no brakes. My little girl’s first bike has taught her to ride without stabilisers but she really needs something lighter now, I’ll have to pop and have a look at Halfords when I take my bike to them for a service.

    • Oh now you mention it I am not sure mine had brakes – always put my feet down anyhow lol. Do you ride far? We could maybe meet in the middle if there’s a safe route.


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