Half Marathon Training Week 4 – Covering more Miles

I have to say that week 4 of my Half Marathon Training just flew by – but maybe that’s because I was so busy. This week I managed to fit in a massage, a lunch date with my husband and over 14 miles of running!

The Mental Motivation for a Half Marathon

A podcast that really got me thinking was about internal motivation – saying to ask myself “why am I doing this?” three times to get to the core of what is going to keep me going. Ultimately I want to be a good role model for my children so that in turn they (hopefully) are inspired to do the same and therefore live long healthy happy lives. Also there was an analogy that resonates with my idea that I can do it (because anyone can) I just need to practice: It was about if you hit an oak a thousand times in different places you are not going to have any impact – but hit it in the same place a thousand times and that tree may fall over!oak tree

This week’s Physical Half Marathon Training

Again I used my Microscooter on the morning school runs (and ran after my son on his on the afternoon run). Running Club had us sprinting in ½ mile bursts as fast as we could 3 times (plus a slow half mile to show the route). OMG I thought I was going to DIE (sorry I know an exaggeration). To the point that people were asking if I was okay. I didn’t even think I would make it round (only half a mile too!) but I somehow managed to keep going. My best time was just over 3 and half minutes, my first time was 4 minutes and my third just under 4 – so I think I am really about a 4. We were told to double that time for how fast we could run a mile! I can’t see me ever running an 8 minute mile at the moment – but I guess it is a long-term goal. Afterwards I didn’t think I was even going to be able to walk but it was only the next morning I hurt and it quickly disappeared. I then joined in with another run and did 5 miles (and I am pleased to say I managed it but do think they ended up slowing down loads for me). Then I managed the 7 miles I needed to do this week on my own before a new PB at Parkrun of 29 minutes and 44 seconds.


Goals for Half Marathon Training

Erm yeah I didn’t really achieve any of my goals from last week! I didn’t meditate, my diet went out the window (eating out with hubby, McDonalds and ice-cream!) and as for resting completely opposite and decided that it was actually next week! No I guess to be fair I started well and did do some Yin Yoga but then that got forgotten about as I started to want to run more and more.

This week I am going to relax more and have even signed up to volunteer at Parkrun as I don’t need to run this week. They really rely on volunteers and it has really helped me and my family so much. In fact we have our first family race of a 5K chocolate run! Although then it was the first time the boys were complaining about getting up for a run this weekend but The Sensory Seeker got a new PB of 32 minutes!relax by meditation

I guess I need to keep it simple with goals this week and so I aim to drink more water and eat more vegetables and not be doing too much. I have already declined the Fitbit weekly showdown because I know how competitive I can be on that. Maybe think again about fitting meditation in would be a good idea.

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Week 4 – Covering more Miles”

  1. Keep going! Had a slight set back on my training after pushing too hard in the cold so have had to drop mileage but I’ll get there. I do sometimes find the willpower waning….especially when it’s frosty.

  2. Oh well done it sounds like your running has gone brilliantly this week. I keep getting colds and stopping my training, I need to take vitamins or something I think! Totally agree with the sentiment that anybody can do it too, that’s how I felt about my ultra and I was right, I could do it.


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