Do you Remember your First Bike?

remembering my first bike

I have been financially compensated for this post. I have a lot of fond memories as I think back to my first proper bike as a kid. I remember how scary it was learning to ride without stabilisers – my Uncle John telling me that he WAS holding on to the back of the bike … Read more

Fuze Wheel Writer Deluxe

fuze wheel writer deluxe

Our 7 year old son loves his bicycle. He is the first one of our boys to get the hang of riding a bike early on. For Christmas he asked for a bicycle with gears – despite the fact that he had not grown out of his previous one. He uses it twice a day … Read more

Key to the door

first key @pinkoddy

Yesterday my day was definitely about Keys. Firstly, it turns out that someone has very kindly decided to take a key to the paintwork on our car 🙁 whilst it was parked outside our house. Not happy. The worst thing is my husband was hoping to sell it but wanted to see if he could … Read more