Key to the door

Yesterday my day was definitely about Keys.

Firstly, it turns out that someone has very kindly decided to take a key to the paintwork on our car 🙁 whilst it was parked outside our house. Not happy. The worst thing is my husband was hoping to sell it but wanted to see if he could manage just using a push bicycle to work through the Winter months first – this has took a bit of a lump out of what the car is worth.

Secondly, and a lot more positively, we got our son his first key to the front door

Bart SImpson wearing just pants as a keyring with silver front door key

Now he has just gone into Y10 and is almost 15 – he was chuffed to bits. My better half doesn’t recall ever having a front door key and I’m sure I was a lot younger. I certainly don’t think the average age could be 18 or 21 now – surely?

And lastly, the key to a happy Oddballs is plenty of sleep – this first week of back to school has really knocked me for six! And I was in bed shortly after 7pm last night I think – and that was even after an afternoon nap (luckily husband had his day off work – so there are some perks to having to work Saturdays).

Is the cold weather, and back to school affecting your sleep pattern?

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