LEGO Christmas Gift Inspiration

What I most love about LEGO is that it has stood the test of time. Always something that the children (and adults) want to go back to so is really worth its weight in gold. It is not something I need to wait and see if it will appear on the Christmas Wishlists because I know it will. Of course there is the Top LEGO for the year and this year the Star Wars: BB-8 £84.99 has made it on to the DreamToys Top 12 this year. In our house though, it was the LEGO Winter Train which I got via Love the Sales, and whilst browsing their website I found many other LEGO inspired Christmas Gifts. Many, as the name suggests, in the Sales!The contents of the LEGO Creator Winter Wonderland Train Set

Of course LEGO has a variety of price points and options of what to buy – including those stocking fillers, inexpensive gifts, much-needed pieces of clothing and of course the top toy! You can of course also buy a LEGO advent calendar for the countdown to Christmas (we have previously found that the LEGO City ones are possibly the best, unless you are a massive Star Wars fan!).

LEGO Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Ten Pound and Under

Of course the humble LEGO Blindbag makes a great stocking filler. What with the new LEGO Ninjago Movie out then the LEGO Ninjago Blindbags are just perfect (or LEGO Minifigures Series 17 if they aren’t into Ninjago).

Or how about a LEGO Mini Figure Journal; a Mini Box for storage, a LEGO DVD (like LEGO CHIMA). Slightly more expensive are small LEGO sets such as LEGO Friends Puppy Pampering 41302, LEGO Frends Puppy Treats & Tricks 41304, LEGO Dupo My First Plane 10849, LEGO Dupo My First Bus 10851 – all £3.99; The LEGO Classic Red Creativity Box 10707 (Green 10708; Orange 10709), LEGO CITY Jungle Explorers Jungle Buggy 60156, LEGO Creator Blue Express Grey 31054 and LEGO Red Racer White 31055 – all for £4.99. Or how about a LEGO MINIFIGURES Santa Key light £5.99, a LEGO FRIENDS Lunchbox now £6.39, LEGO Angry Birds Piggy Car Escape 75821 £6.98, Green LEGO Base plate 10700 £6.99, LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes 76070 Mighty Micros: Wonder Woman Vs Doomsday 7.00, LEGO Starwars Mighty Minifigures Sticker Collection £7.50, LEGO Disney Princess Royal Stable now £7.64, LEGO Ninjago 3D Lunch Bag £7.99, LEGO CITY Race Plane 60144 £7.99 or how about Brick Headz £10.

LEGO BRICK HEADZ Box with Batgirl on the front

LEGO Clothing

No-one really wants clothes for Christmas but it is something that usually everyone needs. By tapping into their love of LEGO it seems a bit more of a gift. There are endless LEGO clothing ideas available but here is a small selection of some of the LEGO clothes on sale:

  • The LEGO Batman Movie T-shirt £7.19, LEGO NINJAGO Boys Tee-Shirt £8.00
  • DUPLO Jane Waterproof Jacket £21.24
  • LEGO NEXO Knights Long Sleeve T-shirt £17.99
  • LEGO Ayan Beanie Hat £10.50
  • LEGO Iconic Saxton 607 Light Jacket £27.89 and much much more.

LEGO Bigger or Main Gift Ideas

If they are huge LEGO fans then they may want something a bit bigger and this is the time to think about whether it is going to be one of their main presents – also giving them something really productive to do with their Christmas Day. This could include the LEGO Winter Train previously mentioned, or how about a LEGO Fire Boat (60109) £82.99, or a LEGO Technic Porsche (42056) £179.99, a Star Wars Millennium Falcon (75105) £134.99, the LEGO FRIENDS Heartlake Grand Hotel (41101 ) £89.99 or LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace (41148) £59.99 – amongst absolutely loads of ideas!LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Magical Ice Palace

Of course LEGO isn’t the only thing listed on Love the Sales so do go and check it out – not only for inspiration for Christmas, but to see if you can find those wishlist items cheaper! Now you can even turn on the Black Friday settings – which will alert you when the price goes down!


I bought the LEGO Winter Train via – all enthusiasm about LEGO for Christmas is genuine and my own (although I am sure I am not alone with it!)

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  1. That train is amazing, I love the idea of having it around the Christmas tree too, that would be fantastic. I also love the Brickheadz too and I might have to get one of those for my son. Brilliant guide.


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