Playstation for Families

Regular readers will know how important Gaming is to my family. My oldest son had his first Playstation at aged 4 years old and is now at University hoping to one day be a Games Developer (for Media Molecule I think is his preference!). That we consider Playstation to be very Family Friendly so we were thrilled to once again be invited to their Family Playstation Event to see what is Playstation logo and word on white wall

Playstation for the Whole Family

Now if I am completely honest I let my husband take care of most things. He is hugely passionate about all things modern technology and is knowledgeable in all the up-to-date stuff (yeah he was even letting the Playstation helper know about future things he hadn’t yet heard of). Anyway I digress, the point is I know that he keeps our children safe and so he already knew about the Parental Controls which are customisable for each child. This is really important for us, that our children of different ages are watching and playing age appropriate things, and that internet sites (in our case YouTube) is blocked. Of course then there’s our Playstation VR (which we bought last Christmas) which is only for those of us over 12 years old (although there are games that can be played with the younger ones who are not wearing the headset).Family playing Playlink with Playstation in front of the television

PlayLink on Playstation

A new way to play, which we hadn’t previously, is with PlayLink. The great thing about this is that no longer do we need loads of (charged) controllers but instead can play with Smart Devices (phones or tablets) – as we each have either an iPod Touch or an iPhone this is just perfect for our tech-minded family. The Playstation exclusive games includes That’s You! A fun family quiz game to see how well you all know each other; Hidden Agenda, you decide how the classic crime pans up, solving the clues to solve the mystery; Knowledge Power, a trivia game with a twist; Frantics, 15 whacky mini-games for up to 4 competing players and Singstar Celebration -karaoke with your smart device!television screen of Playstation Frantics and people opposite playing

Of course there is a whole load of other family fun Playstation games including the new LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video game based on the film. With the same format as the other LEGO games players can battle their way through waves of enemies as their favourite NINJAGO heroes. Read about what Jenny from the Gingerbread House felt her Top Picks are this year! Plus find out what they thought of the Playstation Event over on The Oliver’s Madhouse.


We were invited to the family Playstation day and we went because we LOVE Playstation – and all opinions are honest and my own.

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