YO-KAI WATCH® 2 – Fleshy Souls Review


Friday 7th April 2017 saw the second wave to the hugely popular YO-KAI WATCH®: Encountering a colourful host of familiar and new Yo-kai, mysteries to solve in a brand-new story and an array of new features (including multiplayer).YO-KAI WATCH® 2 - Fleshy Souls Review


The YO-KAI WATCH® series is also a children’s anime based on the game. The world of Yo-kai is introduced as Nate frees the Yo-kai butler Whisper from a capsule machine and receives the Yo-Kai Watch.

If you haven’t encountered the wacky world of YO-KAI WATCH® then you can download a free demo of YO-KAI WATCH® 2 from Nintendo eShop.

Players explore Springdale and surroundings to investigate a series of curious occurrences. Where there is mischievousness then there’s bound to be a Yo-kai to be found. These charming, funny and outrageous characters cause lots of common problems such as always feeling hungry, spending too much money or even accidentally revealing your crush during class – and often causing hilarious results! Yo-kai live secretly beside us and can befriended by battling them, a little understanding and the right food.


In YO-KAI WATCH® 2 a pair of sinister Yo-kai are determined to steal the Yo-kai Watch and bring havoc to the town and its residents. Playing as either Nate or Katie to try to uncover this nefarious plot, and even travel back 60 years into the past to do so – exploring a past version of Springdale, and being entrusted with the original Yo-kai Watch.

There is a split in Yo-kai World with players joining either the Bony or the Fleshy army (depending on which version of the game they chose – YO-KAI WATCH® 2: Bony Spirits or YO-KAI WATCH® 2: Fleshy Souls ). There is rivalry between the two – with online battles earning points for their side. Plus each version includes 5 unique and exclusive Yo-kai which can be traded both locally and online.

Playing YO-KAI WATCH® 2

I asked my 7 and 9 year olds to explain to me how you play YO-KAI WATCH® 2 and this is what they told me:

  • You find the Yo-kai by pressing Y on the Yo-kai watch to scan around and reveal the Yo-kai.
  • They do not want to be found and may run away if they notice that you can see them – but you just keep scanning. The first one my 9-year-old found was cleaning the floor as the Yo-kai did not like it messy – this resulted in the mothers telling everyone to tidy their room.
  • Sometimes the Yo-kai will stop and talk to you and then you can battle. If you win the battle the Yo-kai will give you its medal – which you can then use to summon it and help you in further battles.
    YO-KAI WATCH® 2 - Fleshy Souls Review
  • We received the Fleshy Souls version and so the game began with already having the Jibanyan Yo-kai from the start.
  • You may summon up to 6 Yo-kais to help you in battle – but they must be equipped.
  • You keep the Yo-kai medals in the medal book, which you keep in your bag.
  • Remember to save after everything important that you do like getting the watch or battling a boss! You do this by pressing x and then pressing the diary button.
  • The best thing about YO-KAI WATCH® 2 is that you can play with your friends – swapping medals and battling.
  • The Yo-criminals are good – for every 3 times you catch them you get a letter of a password.
  • The Inventory is really useful as it shows you what you have (and can buy) for your Yo-Kai ((food, key items, equipment, animals and items) – these help catch, keep and even help them learn).
  • You can level up with dancing stars
  • Plus I think my son loved all the different options of screens you can click into as he explained that there are Quests, Story Mode, Yo-kai spots, a critter collection (a collection of bugs), Contacts (to connect to people), Trophies, Yo-kai Cam (where you take a picture and it decides which Yo-kai you look like), Friends (Yo-kais you have befriended and you can decide what names to call them).YO-KAI WATCH® 2 - Fleshy Souls Review

YO-KAI WATCH® Wibble Wobble App

The YO-KAI WATCH® Wibble Wobble app is a completely FREE download and new game.

Simply tap and drag the heads together of like-minded patterns and then pop them to cause damage. The bigger the shape the more powerful that is. Plus each pop helps fill the fever meter and Soultimate ability bar for even further damage. This is a great puzzle game which encapsulates the Yo-Kai Watch story.YO-KAI WATCH® Wibble Wobble App

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