FUZE4 Nintendo Switch Review

We received FUZE4 free for review Are you home schooling but your children just want to play computer games? Then FUZE4 may be just the answer you need! An award-winning coding application specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch which allows users to learn in line with the computing curriculum whilst still having fun with friends. … Read more

Playing Together this Christmas

television screen of Playstation Frantics and people opposite playing

Christmas is a time for being together, a time for family, a time to show each other appreciation: Quality not quantity. We know this but somehow we tend to get sucked up into the commercialism of it all. This year we vowed to make it more about family time but wasn’t sure how to do … Read more

Family Fun Frantics Game on Playlink

Frantics is the perfect game for any family – whether they are team player or cunning rivals. Exclusive to the Playstation4 Frantics is a game that utilises PlayLink – meaning that you can use smartphones, or tablets instead of a controller. Not only does this make it easier if you do not have enough controllers, … Read more

Playstation for Families

Family playing Playlink with Playstation in front of the television

Regular readers will know how important Gaming is to my family. My oldest son had his first Playstation at aged 4 years old and is now at University hoping to one day be a Games Developer (for Media Molecule I think is his preference!). That we consider Playstation to be very Family Friendly so we … Read more

YO-KAI WATCH® 2 – Fleshy Souls Review

YO-KAI WATCH® 2 - Fleshy Souls Review

YO-KAI WATCH® 2 – A Spooky New Adventure for NINTENDO 3DS FAMILY SYSTEMS Friday 7th April 2017 saw the second wave to the hugely popular YO-KAI WATCH®: Encountering a colourful host of familiar and new Yo-kai, mysteries to solve in a brand-new story and an array of new features (including multiplayer). YO-KAI WATCH® The YO-KAI … Read more

GEEK Dreamland Margate 2017

GEEK Dreamland Margate 2017

GEEK is a 3-day indoor festival full of video games, future technology, retro-games, cosplay, board games, workshops, comic books, Minecraft cave, talks, tournaments, arcades, VR, Official Mario Kart Tournament, merchandise for sale, performing arts and more. GEEK Dreamland 2017 Information for Visitors GEEK offers a mixture of activities – some where you can just turn up, … Read more

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

With the huge success of Pokémon Go this year I figured that there may be a whole load of new parents looking for Pokémon Christmas Gift inspiration. With Pokémon celebrating its 20th year this time it should be easier than ever but being as my boys have been fans for a while I thought I … Read more

Playstation Bringing People Together

Playstation bringing people together

I think that in this digital age especially it is good for children to get to grips with technology. In some areas I think the kids know more than the parents – I know I for one have to ask my children how to turn the television over, or which remote I actually need to … Read more

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

The story of Rey, Finn and company is well converted into LEGO but keeping the Star Wars magic in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. With LEGO lightsabers; the ability to build platforms; blast through Stormtroopers; jet through an asteroid field; a child-friendly Gears of War like shooting-section; plus fun and fast flying sections on-rails … Read more



LEGO® Dimensions™ Wave 6 is here and it has got even bigger and better with the New Expansion Packs Based on the blockbuster franchises Ghostbusters™, Adventure Time™, Mission Impossible™, Harry Potter™ and The A-Team™! LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters™ Story Pack The Ghostbusters™ Story Pack provides a complete movie-based gameplay experience with fresh LEGO® brick building. Abby Yates … Read more