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Frantics is the perfect game for any family – whether they are team player or cunning rivals. Exclusive to the Playstation4 Frantics is a game that utilises PlayLink – meaning that you can use smartphones, or tablets instead of a controller. Not only does this make it easier if you do not have enough controllers, but it adds another element to it – such as by utilising the camera capabilities as well as being able to swipe, tilt, shake, flick and snap! Plus it allows the crafty fox to relay secret messages and missions to each player via their mobile device – encouraging them to trick and manoeuvre their rivals at every turn.Frantics Playlink

Setting up Frantics

First of all download the FREE Frantics app onto your smart device, turn on the PlayStation®4 and start the game, tap play. Make sure to connect the smart device to the same WiFi as the PS4. If your Wi-Fi signal isn’t very good, you can use your PS4™ as a Wi-Fi hotspot instead. You’ll find this option in-game under “Settings”, at the end of the app connection tutorial. But remember – when you’re connected to your PS4™ Wi-Fi hotspot, you won’t be able to download the free Frantics app, so you’ll need to have done that first. You can take a selfie as your profile picture and chose your own name or let the PS4 pick one for you. If there’s only one or two players then the computer will add some more players for you.Frantics Playlink Playstation Game App Screen

About Frantics

Frantics is a family fun game of bonding, brawling and backstabbery. You are challenged to win as many crowns in the mini-games as you can, which become lives to win the grand finale and take home the prize! There are over a dozen mini-games available which are chosen for players in Fox’s party mode (the full version of Frantics) or you can play mini games and custom session (create your own selection of 4 mini games from pre-set options). From driving cars, skydiving, pass the bomb bonus earning points whilst you hold it – but being out and losing them when it blows up; or trying to be the last man standing on a collapsing glacier all offer opportunities to be collaborative as well as competitive. With secret missions the Crafty Fox offers one player an extra shot at getting a crown by calling them on their smart device. Sent as a private text he tells them that the mission only applies to the next mini-game. At the end he will let everyone know if you have completed the mission – and point and laugh if they fail!

Frantics Coins

You can also collect coins, which you can wager on specific items, or even crowns, to help you claim a victory. Plus there are various different items can be won in auctions: Coin Magnet (attracts nearby coins); Bouncy Ball (makes you bounce around); Pointy Hat (Doubles your points); and Defuse kit (makes you immune to the explosive doughnut). Depending on the type of auction, it could be items or crowns that are up for grabs. You get one bid only and the highest bidder gets the item. All bids are simultaneous and secret, so you’ll have to guess what other players will bid on, and how much they will bid. It’s all about your bluffing skills – if you are the only one bidding on an item, you have the chance to win it very cheaply. When all players have bid, it is revealed who gets which item. You can bid any amount of coins you have, with zero as the minimum.Frantics cookie

Backstabbers’ Dilemma

Two players are chosen to stand holding an anvil between them that has two crowns underneath it. The players holding the anvil can either choose to keep holding it or let it go and grab the crowns, before I cut the rope. If both players hold on to the anvil, they are indeed both trustworthy, and get one crown each. But if one player chooses to let go and grab both crowns the other gets nothing. And if both players are greedy and let go of the anvil, then it will fall, crush the crowns and nobody gets anything!cunning fox information on frantics playlink

The Grand Finale

In the Grand Finale, your crowns accumulated become lives and once players run out of crowns/lives, they lose. Every time a life is lost players are presented with an item shop which gives them the chance to buy an item to equip using coins they have collected. The last animal standing wins Frantics.

Thoughts on Frantics

It was good that Frantics brings the family together to play together (or against each other) but also allows only one or two players. Unfortunately for us we are a family of 5 or 6 (oldest is currently at University) and it only allows four players. I think it is a good idea to allow players to use smart devices – also giving another dimension to gaming. However, not every child has a smart device and so it would be good to have the option of also using a controller in the absence of having enough devices. Frantics itself is a lot of fun and simple to understand and play.

We were sent Frantics, some yummy cookies, and colouring sheets/crayons for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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