If you have boys, or even girls, between the ages of 6 and 11 years old who love LEGO then you have probably come across LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS. With the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS TV series and LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS playsets AND minifigures – children can really engage with the story on so many levels. To expand on this is the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS magazine launching on 24th February 2016!LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS MagazineAbout the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine

On the front of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS magazine is an epic, limited edition, Lance Minifigure™ – and showing that inside there are 2 posters, a chance to win loads of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS sets and that the reader can be a Hero and upgrade their power!

Issue 1 begins with the story of The Legend of Knighton. This tells of how the hi-tech kingdom is in great danger because of Jestro, the royal jester. Jestro did not like it when people did not laugh at his jokes so he started freeing monsters from the evil Book of Monsters from Merlok’s library. Merlok sacrificed himself to save Knighton and became a computer system: Merlok 2.0.

The magazine instantly engages with children and shows them that they are an important part of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS by telling them how to get in touch to send photos and letters (both electronically and by post). Next there is a contents page and an observation task with a “spot the bot” task to do throughout the magazine. It makes sense that then the reader is introduced to the Heroes of Knighton – their strengths, weaknesses and weapons: Clay Moorington (The Hero); Aaron Fox (The Live Wire); Axl (Just Axl) (The Hungry Giant); Lance Richmond and Macy Halbert (The Princess). I like how the only girl on the team has a weakness that is to upset her father, rather than a personality flaw. This is followed by a traditional comic style cartoon story, next some problem solving puzzles, more story, the giveaway, another puzzle, a double sided poster to pull out, a page about the new toy. Then we are introduced to the Villains of Knighton – Jestro, Scurriers, Moltor, Beast Master and Sparkks. Followed by more cartoon style story, colouring in, spot the difference, a page about what is in the next edition of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine (and the answers to the puzzles) and finally a double sided room hanger to cut out and hang in the bedroom.


Merlok 2.0 controls the amazing NEXO powers and utilizes his digital magic to give Knights upgrades in battles. They do this by raising their shields to the sky and download new powers so that they can defeat the monsters. Merlok 2.0 is an app which is available to download for FREE on the App Store and Google Play. NEXO Power can be found and scanned from a wide variety of physical and digital sources including LEGO Stores and LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS products. There is a new power in each episode of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS TV Series and LEGO Club Magazine.LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine

Verdict of Issue 1 of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine

My youngest 2 boys both love LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS and couldn’t wait until the magazine arrived. I gave the magazine to my 8 year old son and he really enjoyed it. He set to work at solving the puzzles, cutting out his hanger and deciding which side to put up his poster! He read the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine from cover to cover and enjoyed building his Lance Minifigure. He cannot wait until the next one arrives.LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine

Every issue of the LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine is packed with news, comics, hero facts, puzzles, posters, competitions, colouring and a NEXO KNIGHTS™ toy! On sale every 4 weeks at the normal issue price of £3.25.


We received a complimentary copy of LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Magazine for purposes of review, and will continue to get a year subscription. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Nexo Knights seems to be the next big thing in the comic world. I had read about the news about the magazine release and didn’t get it quite clearly. Thanks for breaking it down, and it’s also good that thy even released an app for that.



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