Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner Holidays

Why chose Yoga?

Since my journey for better health I have discovered that to improve my physical well-being then I also need to work on my mental and spiritual sides too. There are many reasons that I feel that Yoga is the best way forward for me now:

  • Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner HolidaysYoga a disciplined method for obtaining a goal
  • Yoga is good for helping to control the body and mind
  • Yoga is good for connecting with oneself
  • Yoga is good for building mental strength and posture
  • Yoga is known to alleviate health problems, relieve stress and make the spine supple
  • Yoga helps to learn how to controlling breathing

I feel that Yoga will be so beneficial long-term, and not just for the time that I am actually practising it. I completely lack any knowledge about what exactly it entails and therefore am glad that there is expert help to support me on my new journey.

Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner Holidays

Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner HolidaysWhat better way to learn than on a yoga retreat programme with Mark Warner Holidays at San Lucianu Beach Resort in Corsica. This is a retreat with a difference in that it is run on the resort alongside other sports such as windsurfing, sailing, tennis and cycling and childcare provided. This is all within the cost of the holiday and also includes flights, accommodation and full board. The yoga is for adults only but the rest of family will still be well looked after with the normal resort activities. Plus the yoga week is suitable for all levels and is divided into different themes, with 3 sessions a day that can be dipped in and out of as required.


  • Grounding (Saturday)
  • Letting Go (Sunday)
  • Being Kind (Monday)
  • Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner HolidaysInner You (Tuesday)
  • Play (Wednesday)
  • Love (Thursday)
  • Balance (Friday)

Across the week, there will be a range of sessions including beachside vinyasa flow, yin yoga, a meditation beach walk, an introduction to Thai massage techniques, and SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) yoga. There is also free time every day to digest what has been learnt and to enjoy the rest of the resort and its facilities.

Lone traveller and things to think about when going on a Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner Holidays

Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner HolidaysTo start my journey to find myself it was decided that I would attend the retreat week alone. This is a really big deal to me as I am never confident to try new things by myself – and now I am going to fly to another country all by myself! This way I can really relax and find myself. Mark Warner have everything covered and are on hand to answer any of my questions. Polly, the yoga teacher, likes to get in touch with those attending before they set off so I need to think of any questions I might have. I guess what I need to know is what to pack and if I need to do any preparation.

Can you think of any questions I may need to ask?

Mark Warner Yoga retreat weeks take place on 11 June 2016 and 3 September 2016 and coast £250 in addition to the basic holiday price. 7 nights departing on 11 June costs £749 per adult and from £262 per child. This includes flights, accommodation, resort transfers, full board dining with wine, watersports, tennis, cycling and childcare from 2 yrs (4 months – 2 years payable.) Yoga Retreat Week costs an additional £250pp.

I am going to the Mark Warner Yoga Retreat for purposes of review, my package has been discounted but I remain with integrity, no other financial compensation has been given.

16 thoughts on “Yoga Retreat Programme with Mark Warner Holidays”

  1. Oh you’ll have an absolute ball at San Lucianu, what great fun. Lovely post too, sounds like it will be so relaxing. The beach bar does good mojitos and you’ll be able to nab a great room with a view to accompany it x

  2. Wow wow wow Joy:) I am delighted for you honey! You will have an absolute blast and you so deserve it. I cannot believe you have not left your kids for more than a wkd in 20 years, you are a super mum!! I look forward to reading all about your yoga retreat.

  3. A yoga retreat with MW? I had no idea and I think this is such a wonderful concept I would love to do something like this in the future! I’ve done yoga for donkeys now, not too actively always, but I have recently got really into it again. Looking forward to reading your review!

  4. Yoga is really a well-rounded practice and it can help you out with so many different things. Surely, you will definitely become physically stronger but the benefits will reflect in other aspects of your life. This yoga retreat in Corsica looks amazing! I love the way they scheduled daily practices. Plus, there are so many other activities you can do while you are in the resort. I would be all over that place every single day 🙂
    I applaud you for deciding to go alone to this yoga retreat and I hope it will be very helpful to you.


  5. That sounds wonderful… And certainly very relaxing. Travelling alone is actually very invigorating. I’ve loved every second of the times I’ve travelled abroad alone. There’s no stress and you can do everything at your own pace. I hope you have a lovely time. X


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