Things to Consider for a Yoga Retreat

Do you find it difficult to relax? I know I do, even if I make free time for myself I find my mind goes into overdrive about what needs doing, or I should could be doing instead of doing nothing. This can even be the cause of sleep problems I should imagine. Well you may remember that I am booked into the Mark Warner Yoga Retreat (as a review opportunity) at San Lucianu Beach Resort. I am going as a complete novice to Yoga so have started to organise some things I need to consider to a Mark Warner Yoga Retreat.Things to Consider for a Yoga Retreat

As the Mark Warner Yoga Retreat is for all levels but Polly, the Yoga instructor, said it would be best if I could get a feel of what I expected from Yoga before I came, and this is what I have discovered so far. For more information about her approach please visit Polly’s Yoga Website where there is information for those New to Yoga which answers many basic questions and more information on Polly’s Approach to Yoga which also explains what the different areas mean and entail.

6 things to Consider for a Mark Warner Yoga Retreat

  1. Relaxation and rejuvenation

Forget fancy (and very impressive) Yoga Poses the first thing I have gleaned is important is to relax, relax, relax. I guess if you can’t let everything go from your mind then you cannot fully concentrate on your body. As a mother of four boys I know that just learning to take time to relax and focus on me is something I will definitely benefit from. The Yoga Retreat offers a week of meditation, gentle and Vinyasa flow, Yin and restorative yoga whilst exploring the inner self. Of course this is combined with the usual highlights offered by a Mark Warner Holiday.

2. Deep breathing

This helps to focus and relax – this will be how each class starts. I think this will be beneficial in so many areas of my life – keeping calm and patient, generally getting more oxygen around my body – but super helpful when running, and better relaxing with mean better sleep.Things to Consider for a Yoga Retreat

3. Comfy clothing.

Guess it goes without saying but I need comfy clothing – that isn’t lose (as it will just fall and get in your way). I have a top a bit like a blanket to wear when sitting around – as advised by Polly.

4. Looking after my body

I am sure no-one else is interested in what anyone else looks like but whilst trying to get into the Lotus position I noticed that my feet could do with some TLC. As Yoga is bare foot my feet will probably do some work, so I am going to pack something to nurture them between sessions. In fact looking after my body and making sure I do not neglect any part was one of the reasons I started to think about my well-being. I am not getting any younger and feel that in order for my body to look after me then I need to look after my body. Also I am not sure that I was getting into the position properly and it is nice to know that I will be able to just ask and get help whilst on the Yoga Retreat.Things to Consider for a Yoga Retreat

5. Self-acceptance.

Talking of no-one being interested in my feet one of the main reasons I want to attend the Yoga Retreat is the journey to a better me, and with this comes self-acceptance. It does not matter how flexible I am (or not) or how easily I can get into the poses; what is important is that I give it my best shot for myself and learn to go at my own pace.

6. Fit and Healthy

Asana is the physical postures which enable purifying the body to provide physical strength and stamina. This is definitely something my body and mind will need to complete a Marathon! I decided to run a mile then walk a mile for 13 miles recently and now I know how much I need this even more. I do think it is mainly a mind focus as the body can become stronger over time, but I really look forward to this element (although I am sure it will be exhausting!Things to Consider for a Yoga Retreat

7. Replenish

A healthy snack and detoxifying drink are served daily, a water bottle is also advised to take along too. I am indeed going fully-inclusive so no need to worry about having enough to keep my energy levels up.

If you are still unsure about joining in with the whole course you will be pleased to know that you can pick from the Full Retreat (with a minimum of 3 sessions per day) or the Half Retreat (which will include 10 sessions from the Yoga Week and you can pick and choose which sessions you want to take part in). Weeks run 11th – 18th June & 3rd – 10th September 2016.

Disclaimer: I am attending the Mark Warner Yoga Retreat on a Press Trip. In return I promised to help tell everyone about it. All images are taken from Polly’s Yoga website with permission and not to be taken.

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