Mark Warner San Lucianu Resort, Corsica – Yoga Retreat Day 7 Balance

Day 7 – Balance

SUP Yoga (stand up paddle boarding)

You may recall that I had taken the SUP board out previously as I tried to learn to stand on it without falling off – using what I had learnt through grounding. When we went out at 7:30am that Friday morning to do Yoga on a SUP board I was fully prepared to fall off into the freezing water.

yoga on a stand up paddle board

We took the SUP boards out and tied them to a rope (to ensure that we all stayed together) – facing Ela for instructions. The experience was amazing – and I did not once fall off! I actually found doing yoga on SUP boards really useful because it made sure that I was more aware of my positioning so that I didn’t fall off. It was also really relaxing being gently rocked by and listening to the sound of the waves – especially when doing child’s pose. To do the whole class without falling off was also deeply rewarding and great for self-achievement.


This session helped to give energy back to the body. Throughout the Yoga Retreat props had been used to make things easier, and put our bodies in the best positions for each individual. This session had extra props to really show their benefit – including how to massage yourself. I found the strap the most useful and it helped ease the tension out of my shoulders really well. This class was so relaxing that I may have fell asleep in it!

Waterfall Walk

We cycled most of the way to the waterfall before a short walk. The water was so refreshing (especially for my sun burn) – and it was a lovely shared experience to end the week.

Fire Circle

A time to let go. What a beautiful end to the Yoga Retreat as we sat in a circle around a fire and listened to the beautiful sounds of Ela singing as we each placed into the fire things we want to let go of. Fire is a symbol of transformation. Plus a time to say goodbye to our holiday and new friendships we had formed.

fire in the darkness

Disclosure: This was a press trip. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Oh my goodness, doing yoga on a SUP board is amazing, I can’t believe how far you’ve come in just a week, what an achievement! It sounds like your whole experience was just fantastic and it would make me want to do a yoga retreat in the future.


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