Mark Warner San Lucianu Resort, Corsica – Yoga Retreat Day 6 Love

The daily schedule started with a Silent Swim – I missed this early morning session but was told that it was very good. That Ela just took the lead and all that was needed was to on the beach

Next was the “New Heights” Group Workshop – Taking the partnership trust one step higher with yoga acrobatics. Again I missed this session but was again informed of how good it was and that at least one of the couple achieved a very rewarding lift.

Beachside Vinyasa Flow

Yoga at Mark Warner Resort CorsicaYin Yoga – after what is potentially a very active week (if you have so chosen) at Mark Warner then this is a good class to help the body relax and repair itself. Yin Yoga helps to make the switch between the nervous systems.

In fact what actually happened that morning was that I woke early (as I had every day) and decided that I would be kind to myself, allow myself to rest. To use the opportunity to do what my mind and body wanted – not what I thought I ought to do. After breakfast I then decided to lie down on a sun lounger (wearing factor 50 sun cream) and with my Marker Warner water bottle. Unfortunately I was alone and fell asleep, only stirring to drink water. Before I knew it, it was lunch time – and as you can imagine I had caught the sun – too much! I can only assume there were places I had also missed when I applying the cream as my back was so red and hot (even without people touching it). I hardly remember the day as the sun had made me so sleepy. Everyone was SO kind to me though – that I do remember, trying to soothe the pain and take away the heat. I did not bring aftersun but I was offered some, and Lisa (who I met at the yoga retreat) spent ages melting ice-cubes and rubbing aloe Vera all evening on my back (other people also helped but sorry I can’t remember who – Karen went and got me more aloe Vera from the plant). The 2 for 1 cocktails during the bar’s happy hour may also have helped!

after sun treatment at mark warner holidays yoga retreat

I have heard it before but now I have experienced just how good the staff are at Mark Warner – and I think that extended to the relationships they helped lone travellers build up. Of course Polly and Ela were also fantastic – and always willing to give hugs.

Disclosure: This was a press trip. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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