BBC Country File Live 2018

Countryfile Live covers four days of live arena shows, hands-on activities, farm-animal demonstrations, debates, food, drink and shopping. The show brings together everything there is to cherish about the British countryside, in the grounds of the famous stately home Blenheim Palace. We were invited along to BBC Country File Live on its opening day.boys sat in from of BBC Country File Live 2018 poster

Things for Children to do at BBC Country File Live 2018

There was so much to do that it was absolutely impossible to do it in the one day that we attended. Armed with a map before we left I opted to focus on one area around the River Glyme where a lot of the family activities seemed to be located. First of all we headed for the kayaking and water activities to book a time slot. I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t packed spare clothes for the boys because there was the opportunity for them to try SUP (stand-up paddle boarding). Having done this before myself I knew there was the massive probability that they would fall off – and so they opted for single sit-on canoes. Whilst waiting for our slot we booked in for family fishing – the times aligned perfectly and were just opposite each other. We then had a little wander around and discovered that the Mitsubishi 4×4 off-road driving experience wasn’t bookable and we had to wait in a queue.

Unfortunately the guy from Get Fishing seemed to think our time was 11:20 and not 11 o’clock so we were collected a little late, and then only one of the boys got given a rod for the first at least 5 or so minutes. They were very apologetic but he didn’t really get long at all – and as they were pre-booked slots and we had to head to kayaking there wasn’t much that could be done. I told him that at least he got a feel for whether he liked it or not. I think that fishing may be something to look into doing again. It was the first time The Sensory Seeker had been in a canoe on his own and he took to it really well. The whole area was really well handled and all the children were given life jackets but the river wasn’t very deep at all. This appeared to be run by Go Canoeing who we had previously enjoyed canoeing with in Bath.boy in canoeon the river

We generally pottered about after that trying delicious milkshakes and exploring The National Trusts 50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾  – the tree climbing was all fully booked when we arrived – but it was the Great Big Tree Climbing Co who the boys had climbed with last week at Camp Bestival. The youngest was also excited that we saw Adam Henson on the main stage before going to see the animals at the Adam’s farm section of Country File Live. The 10-year-old had already met Adam when we did the Bushcraft course. There were also lots of fairground rides that children can go on with a small additional cost.

Food, Drink and Dogs at BBC Country File Live

It was great to see that BBC Country File Live had so many places to eat and drink on offer. We had brought a picnic and there was a really lovely cool area under some trees where lots of people had stopped for a bite to eat with their children. There were also plenty of places to recycle and the boys were pleased to see that their milkshake cups were completely compostable.shaken udder milkshake straws

There were quite a few dogs about is it a dog friendly festival – even offering dog drinking stations. Plus of course dogs can cool off by swimming in the river as well as having plenty of places for them to roam around. Our youngest is scared of dogs but honestly the dogs were all on leads and it wasn’t a problem. In fact one of the stallholders (who was related to my friend) let the boys take their dog for a walk. Some of the other people weren’t impressed that the boys didn’t know how to stop the dog having fun by wrapping passers-by up in his lead though! Or when the dog had a little wee near a food stall! I was just pleased that this dog was helping our son to get over his fears a little.

Learning at BBC Country File Live 2018

Other things we learned about at BBC Country File Live were: How Country File is edited; the importance of wearing a seat belt, contamination in rivers, how electric bikes are different to normal bicycles, Wales, walking and activity holidays and places to visit up north! Not to mention that Country File is celebrating 30 years!!!

BBC Country File Live is on until Sunday 5th August 2018

At Blenheim Palace, Woodstock



We were invited for the day for free including parking. All opinions are honest and my own.

5 thoughts on “BBC Country File Live 2018”

  1. I’ve always liked the look of this event, it sounds a perfect day for learning about all things countryside in a lovely festival style environment.

  2. This looks like such a great event. I had an invite this year but had to decline as Thomas was due to arrive. It’s a shame that you had a bit of a wait with the fishing so didn’t get to make the most of that although at least it did give the boys a taste of it. Well done to the Sensory Seeker for doing so well with being in a canoe on his own for the first time. Glad that your youngest was able to get over some of his fear of dogs too. Thank you for linking up to #CountryKids

  3. Sounds like there were tons of things to do to enjoy a day outside. Sorry the get fishing was not well organized. #countrykids

  4. We love it there as it has something for everyone. I still can’t get my son on the water, but I got to try the kayaking at the first pre-event press launch 3 years ago, and I have to say the shallow water was perfect for someone trying to overcome a fear of water! Glad you all enjoyed it #CountryKids


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