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International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked on the 8th March every year. It is to show appreciation, love and respect in a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements all over the World. I have told you about Emma Hann a lady I admire from Scotland, but now I share with you an Inspirational Woman from Africa.


 Founders of Team Honk (Tanya, Annie and Penny) are in Tanzania finding out how last year’s donations to Sport Relief have shaped female entrepreneurs and #lastingchange for women, their families, communities and beyond.  In a culture which sees women primarily as wives and mothers, with demands for them to be the primary carer and have little influence in decision-making both at home and beyond, means it is a challenge to be considered as businesswomen. 70% of the World’s poorest people are women, with many females having poor access to education (2/3s of all illiterate people are women). This lack of education resulting in women lacking in essential literacy and numeracy skills, plus it is harder to access loans and other financial help.

The Team Honk Founders are blogging and tweeting about #lastingchange from Tanzania, just one of the places in the world where Sport Relief funding kicks off change, improving not just one person’s life, but giving people a leg up so their families and whole communities benefit from the ripple effect.

Here is the postcard they sent me of a very Inspirational Woman – Claudia.

international womens day lastingchange
“Claudia is an inspirational 54 year old mother and grandmother who, with support from The Gatsby Trust has turned her hobby of soap making into a profitable business. A year ago when Claudia first starting receiving support for TGT she was producing 20 litres of liquid soap a month, selling to friends and family. Now, just one year on Claudia produces 3,000 litres per month, employs two people and she not only sells to friends, family and local community but also supplies products to hotels and shops. Claudia, like the other women we’ve been meeting on our trip, spends time training other women both locally and in further afield.”

The first picture shows the off cuts of a batch soap that Claudia made. She makes the liquid soap and then pours it on to that table and smooths it out before cutting into blocks.

Comic Relief has awarded Tanzania Gatsby Trust a grant of £264,959 over three years so they can continue helping women in Tanzania. The Gatsby Trust helps 1000 female entrepreneurs by educating both women and their partners about women’s rights and providing support and training, it has been around since 1992. A small amount of money can be all that’s needed to help people in unimaginably tough situations turn their lives around. The Gatsby Trust provides training and mentoring to help women entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, in very challenging environments.

  • help girls get a better education
  • address violence against women
  • make childbirth safer for both mothers and babies
  • make it easier for female farmers to make a better, more sustainable living
  • and empower women to become leaders in making decisions that affect their lives.

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8 thoughts on “Inspirational Women Postcard #LastingChange”

  1. What an amazing post! Incredible how some funding can start women off in business like this and how Claudia has built up her business so rapidly. Yours is the first digital postcard I’ve seen, I look forward to seeing lots more!

  2. Brilliant stuff. I have just received my postcard too so am looking forward to sharing and seeing lots more stories of inspirational women for #iwd and #lastingchange.


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