Welcome to my 2013


1. New Years Day had to start with another trip to Ikea as I really wanted red doors for the boys new wardrobe to help complete their “Mario Room”.

2. Indoor play – the boys worked together to build Lego models.

3. No snow – so we made our annual Snowmen out of marshmallows and sweets.

4. Bit cold for the beach so a bit of indoor sand play instead.

5. Quality family time bowling.

6. It’s all about the dragons and dinosaurs – here a bit of Weeble play.

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to my 2013”

  1. Your Mario themes rooms sounds intriguing! I haven’t been to IKEA for ages! Bowling is always fun we must do that again soon. Looks like a fun filled week x

    • I just need to add the light and get the curtain and then it will be done. So if anyone knows any PR wanting to giveaway Mario Curtains I’m your woman lol

  2. Who needs snow if you can use sweets. I like that idea much better (especially as it doesn’t snow in my corner of the world)


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