Behind the Scenes at YouTube Space London with RedTedArt

When RedTedArt’s Maggy Woodley asked if she had any fans who would like to visit YouTube Space in London to make a video with her I knew there was no question as to whether my son was to miss school or not! Having started my blog when he was at preschool and being heavily influenced by RedTedArt’s blog he has wanted to meet her for so long. With the added opportunity of visiting YouTube Space and making a video for a channel with over 200,000 subscribers at only 9 years old!Behind the Scenes at YouTube Space London with RedTedArt

Our Visit to YouTube Space London with RedTedArt

Bless him he was really quiet and shy. I think he was a bit star struck because honestly he’s usually much more confident and loud (albeit sensitive). Having visited London a million times before we literally just went to YouTube and back – which meant he was back for a reasonable hour too. Even though a lot of the day was travelling it was good time just the two of us. It was a different part of London to which we had previously been to and we both worked together to navigate our way to the right place.

Once inside (and signed in) we got to have a look around before going into the studio. Inside the studio we got to see what it was like to film – and what Maggy’s set up was like. Plus the lovely Ali Clifford was there and Becky Goddard-Hill with her daughter (also filming). My son picked up how to make the DIY Origami Ninja Star (Shuriken) really quickly and easily (a bit too easily as he doesn’t really let it be shown that Maggy taught him in the actual video as when she did a quick tutorial it was before filming started!). She was so patient with him – gently trying to encourage him back into the shot (as he kept working off-screen!) Time went really quickly and it was soon time for the next person to use the Space and Maggy had to get back for the school run. We had a further explore around, the children played computer games and we went home. It was a really fantastic opportunity for my son and I am very thankful to Maggy for inviting him.

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