20 Kids and Counting The Aftermath

Sue Radford and Noel Radford with Pinkoddy

When watching 20 Kids and Counting maybe I had a biased view. I have been following the UK’s largest family, The Radford Family, since their show 15 Kids and Counting. I have had the opportunity to have numerous interviews with them and even had the pleasure of actually meeting Sue and Noel Radford. But there’s … Read more

16 Kids and Counting Episode 1: The Radfords

Last night kicked off the new series of 16 Kids and Counting on Channel 4. The programme is narrated by Kris Marshall saying that UK families are shrinking. That most of us have 2 children or less.  But some extraordinary families are bucking the trend: Having 10, 12 or even 16 kids. Where mealtimes are … Read more

16 Kids and Counting Interview with Sue Radford: Part 3

sue and noel radford sitting on a big chair

The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th January 2012  Channel 4 9pm The whole family are also appearing on This Morning which involves a trip to London. Sue Radford, now a mother of 16 children and a grandmother agreed to an interview with me. See PART ONE HERE and PART TWO HERE   Do you have any financial advice to give? You bought … Read more

16 Kids and Counting: Interview with Sue Radford Part 2

I think that no matter what you do as a parent, whatever approach you take, then there’s always going to be someone telling you that their way is better, but with 16 Children I think that the Radfords are more in a position than most to comment. The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th … Read more

15 kids and Counting – with Linky

Below I’ll be examining TV Show 15kidsandcounting Shown on Channel 4  January 2012 9pm, all quotes mentioned below are as mentioned in the series on Channel 4 should you wish to watch this yourself. All non specific opinions given are my own. Last night was the start of Channel 4s 3 Part Series 15 Kids … Read more