Radford Renewal and Hann Wedding – Tonight on #16KidsandCounting

Bad news this week is the last of the 16 Kids and Counting documentaries


Channel 4 Tuesday 9th April 2013 9pm.

But what better way to end the documentary than with a couple of weddings.


The series started with the Radford family (also known as that nice family that own the Bakery) and so it ends with the Radford family. It is clear that everyone has come to love this family, known for their hard-working ethos and really changing people’s stereotypes that all large families are on benefits. They really put their children first, and so what a lovely end to see the couple taking their family over to Lanzarote, booking into a 6 bedroom villa, and renewing their wedding vows!! It is nice to see that after all those years, all the stresses and strains of modern family life, they still love one another, and are stronger than ever.


Always being a united family Chloe (17) and Daniel (now 14, but 13 at the time) did a very touching reading at the ceremony (but unfortunately not everything could be fitted into the constraints of the documentary).

Such loving Siblings.

Here is a sneaky peek at some of the photos (property of The Radford Family and not to be taken without permission).




This beach wedding is then contrasted with the Hann family’s oldest daughter Rachel getting married in their Mormon Church.

We have already seen this wedding from the point of view 12 year old Annabelle Hann in My Life My Big Family Wedding on CBBC. It is nice to see Rachel, who studied BSC (hons) in Behavioural Science, get married because it helps eradicate the unfounded stereotyped idea that children of large families will just go on to have lots of children, live on benefits, remain unmarried etc.

Here is another look at the photos from the Hann wedding (property of The Hann/Oliver Family and not to be taken without permission).

Personally I feel that all the children look so happy, and close. It will be nice to see them celebrating together.

I hope you all tune in to watch the Documentary – I know I certainly will.

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