Introducing a New Sibling

Introducing a New Sibling

The introduction of a new sibling can spark issues of resentment and jealousy in the older child. The time and attention which once belonged solely to them is now being spread out. I think this is true of not only first-born children but that of subsequent siblings. I think it is important to get the … Read more

Tandem feeding

Tandem just means one in front of the other, not necessarily at the same time; so for me there never was any question about whether I’d tandem feed. My son was still a baby (it was the day before his first birthday I discovered I was expecting again) and not ready to give up. Also … Read more

Children Home Alone – Motivational Monday

At what age is it okay to leave a child alone in the house? There is actually (quiet surprisingly) no law about not leaving your child home alone (regardless of age), but it IS an offence if in doing so you put them at risk (source)  – Child and Young Person’s Act 1968. Punishment can range from … Read more

Making Sacrifices – Siblings of Special Needs Children

With Parenting comes Sacrifices They start with Sacrificing things for Yourself Then comes Sacrificing things that you Want for Your Children But what about when One Child HAS to Sacrifice things for Another I think when there’s a child with special needs in the family this may happen more. I have been thinking about the … Read more

Getting Outside

This is actually part of the school run. This is the journey home. This is on the way to school. He thought it was so funny standing in my shadow. The real reason my boys were so interested in the hedge. Loved this sunny weather meant a trip to the park and some real brotherly … Read more