16 Kids and Counting – Interview with Sue Radford

Do you remember that marvellous show last year – 15kidsandCounting? Well Supermum Sue Radford is now a mother of 16 children and a grandmother!
The New Show
If, like me, you were amazed at how they managed to do it all then you will pleased to know that Sue Radford agreed to do an interview for me.
What made you do the first show? And what message would you have hoped came across? Do you feel this was the case? What made you do the new show? How is it different from the first? Is there anything you’d like people to take away from watching it?
When we first got asked to do the 15 Kids and Counting, back in January 2011, we turned it down because we didn’t really want the children in that kind of spot light. But then after them pestering us again to do it, we decided that we would. But not without asking the children first, because if one of them had said no they didn’t want to do it then we would have said no.
We really thought it would be a good thing to show big families in a positive light, and that people with big families are not always on benefits. That actually we work hard for what we have and we make it work so well. I really do feel that after people had watched the programme we had changed a lot of people’s views. One message we got from a lady said that she really didn’t want to watch the programme because she did have the view that people with big families didn’t work and were all on benefits, she said we really changed her mind. We also had a message from a young mum that was struggling with her 3 children, who said that after watching the programme she got up and, instead of being really down in the dumps, she had a spring in her step, which she believed she owed to me. We also got a lot of fan mail through the post.
What do you enjoy most about being part of a large family? What are the advantages?
I would say the thing we like most about being in a big family is that we are all so close and the house is always full of laughter. We love watching them all playing together and we know that when they get older they will all be so. I couldn’t ever imagine having 2 children my life would just be so boring.
 I asked Sue to tell me about each of her children. I felt it was important as it really shows how each one is an individual and very well loved:
    • Chris 23 he comes across as shy but hes a very confident person
    • Sophie 19 she’s a very bouncy bubbly funny person
    • Chloe 17 she’s very outspoken and very caring
    •  Jack 15 he’s a bit of a comedian but comes across as very shy
    • Daniel 13 he’s not a bit shy and very outspoken and caring
    • Luke 12 he’s a very caring boy who will do anything for you
    • Millie 11 she’s so funny and always has us in fits of laughter
    • Katie 10 she’s the stroppy one of the family
    • James 9 he’s the quiet one of the family
    • Ellie 7 she’s a little cutie she’s such a little mummy and loves mothering all her little brothers and sisters
    • Aimee 6 she’s very similar to Ellie but can sometimes be a bit stroppy
    • Josh 5 he’s the little monkey of the family he’s always up to something
    • Max 4  he’s a lovable little man and such a chatterbox
    • Tillie 2 is such a little sweetie she loves her baby brothers and is so lovable and such a chatterbox
    • Oscar 14months he loves his cuddles and is such a happy baby
    • Casper 3 months he’s such a happy smiley little boy.


The whole family is also appearing on This Morning which involves a trip  to London.
They got invited on the programme when the piece went in The Sun newspaper and it all got a bit crazy.  They will be travelling down in a coach and stopping in a hotel –  the children are very excited about it. Although Sue is a little nervous because its live, but is sure it will be a lot of fun.
Do you have to plan days out? or do you have spur of the moment trips?
We do sometimes plan trips out, but more often than not it will just be a spur of the moment trip out.


Thank you to Sue Radford for this interview. Part 2 to Follow.

All Photographs are @Sue Radford and not to be used without permission.


You can find The Radford Family on their blog and you can contact them on sue@theradfordfamily.co.uk

7 thoughts on “16 Kids and Counting – Interview with Sue Radford”

  1. Wow! 16 kids! I come from a family of five and thought it was a pretty big family.
    Thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again.

  2. I haven’t watched the programme that was on Ch4 last night but there was some chattering about it on Facebook last night. Lots of people were saying ‘they must be insane!’ I don’t think it’s insanity, I think it’s lovely! I just wish my husband wanted more than 2! My grandparents are both from big families of 10 and 13 and I think big families are really special. x

    • They started by buying their council house and own their own business. Don’t quote me but I think their home needed work doing on it when it was bought too.

  3. i have 3 children and while they are a handful and am glad now i’ve only got 3, when I was young I would have loved 4. if i could have had another girl so it was 2 of each and the fact that i wouldn’t have kids after 30. I didn’t want to be a older mum. she’s 37 and just had a baby and wants more. I take my hat off to them

  4. Oh I loved watching the program the other day.I’ve watched The Duggars for a few years and I’m always in awe of people with large families.I’m a single mum of 3 so they would probably be a doddle for her to handle.I hope they consider continuing with a series.


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