Parents Guide to Teens on Instagram

Parent influencers at Instagram

Instagram invited us along to let us know what they are doing to keep us safe online, particularly in terms of their teenage users. The trouble with parenting is that there wasn’t the issues with technology for young people when we were growing up. Instagram have launched new resources in collaboration with parenting experts, parenting … Read more

Dora and Friends: Into the City

You may have heard the exciting news about the new Dora and Friends show starting next week. Dora has grown up and now has a fresh new look. To celebrate I am having some friends round for a party. During which you can join us on Twitter using the hashtag #DoraandFriends. There will also be chances … Read more

Are you bribing your kids? #Infographic

Personalised children’s chart website, KiddyCharts found in a new survey that over 83% of parents admit to bribing their kids to help deal with bad behaviour. Are we really just giving into our children’s demands? 83.1% admitted to bribing their children with anything from extra time at the computer, to handing over sweets and chocolates. Is it … Read more

GCSE Results

GCSEs come at such a difficult time. I actually remember writing about this in my own GCSE English exam (the unseen creative writing bit I believe). Surrounded by a hall of 6th formers doing retakes, it was such a distraction. That’s the thing isn’t it – hormones are raging, kids are wanting to be adults … Read more

Parent-Child Led Activities with Disabled Children

It is known that warm and responsive parenting is optimal for child development. A study* has found that “the parents of children with disabilities and suspected delays evidenced significantly lower levels of warmth and less frequent parent–child activities compared with other parents.” With studies like this it is always a case of the sample utilised, … Read more

Real Nappies

Why Use Real Nappies? You will never run out of nappies (as long as you wash them) – important in this economic climate. You can use them with more than one child, and even use them as cleaning rags etc when you’ve finished having children. Apparently it is easier to toilet train a child who … Read more

Tandem feeding

Tandem just means one in front of the other, not necessarily at the same time; so for me there never was any question about whether I’d tandem feed. My son was still a baby (it was the day before his first birthday I discovered I was expecting again) and not ready to give up. Also … Read more