The Secret to having Enough Energy to Cope with the Summer Holidays

I do love having the children home for the summer but where do they get all their energy from? Since cutting back on caffeine and sugar things seem to have become even harder. Therefore, when I heard that Berocca was partnering with TOTS100 for parenting bloggers to trial their fizzy tablets to give them more energy I was keen to get involved.

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School holidays are a great time for bonding as a family and creating many wonderful memories: but sometimes, if we are honest, it can feel more like a bit of a drag than fun. The more we get tired and irritable the more it seems the children play up. Depleting us both physically and mentally. By the time we get them to bed we are ready to hit the sack ourselves – unless we have managed to fit in a cheeky nap!

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Berocca may just be the ticket to cope with the length of the holidays – as it helps you feel like “You, but on a really good day.” Surely that’s how we want our children to remember us! Plus we want to feel that way too – I mean who doesn’t want to embrace on all that family fun at theme parks, on the beach, swimming, holidays, festivals, creative crafts, trips to the forest – and so on? I don’t want to feel snappy or having to reach for a sugar-fix, and I certainly do not want my boys sat in front of screens so I can nap. As a family we often take day trips to London in the summer (which is 3 hours each way), and the journey alone can be tiring. Once fatigue hits it can affect the whole family’s mood.

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I need a way to keep alert whilst setting a good example to my children about healthy ways to do so: Berocca is free from caffeine, sugar and artificial stimulants – whilst also being suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The number one energy vitamin in the UK, Berocca works with your body to help you release your natural vitality.

The revitalizing vitamins (including B1 & B2, plus other essential nutrients) help put that spring back into your step, & reduce mid-day slumps – which causes irritability with the kids -both physically and mentally! Berocca only works as part of a healthy balanced diet and should be consume with food (and not as an alternative to food). I decided to make it part of my daily routine, taking it with my breakfast – to put me at my best for the day ahead. If I am honest it wasn’t the best tasting thing to drink first thing in the morning, but it certainly was not the worst. I opted for mixed berries flavour but it also comes in orange and mango flavours too. It is only a small change to have to make, so is easy to fit in with the hectic holidays – but one that is so beneficial. It certainly made me feel a lot more energetic – now just to remember to keep it out of reach of the children – I don’t want them having any more energy now do I! (No really this product is only for those ages 18 and over).

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