Getting outdoors with the kids

It’s really dark this time of year quiet early on in the day. Luckily we have reflective jackets, which are compulsory when driving in France. So we decided to take the children out on their bikes (and scooter). Our 9 year old is just getting to grips with a bike bicycle. And of course a … Read more

Christmas with the Children

My children have been off school because 2 of them were sick and there is a 48 hour rule to prevent them spreading it around. Obviously this meant that they were¬†bouncing off the walls and doing my swede in needing a bit of educational stimulation. You may have noticed that we looked at the Nativity … Read more

International BabyWearing Week

It’s almost the end of International Babywearing Week 8th-14th October 2012 and so I thought I would share my favourite carrier with you. I have tried many different types of slings but my all time favourite, and one I would recommend is the Connecta. The only problem with the Connecta is that your children will … Read more

Snake S

If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the¬†Letter S. We previously did Spiders but also need something to stick onto our wall of letters so we made a Simple Snake We simply started by drawing a letter S onto some paper and cutting it out. Then … Read more


If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the letter R. It seemed obvious to do RUBBISH My children are used to recycling because they know which “bins” each products go to (or go for washing up) so I thought we’d concentrate on reusing. I decided to … Read more

Tea Anyone?

I feel so much agggggh right now that I feel I could actually explode. So I thought right Tea & Sympathy is what I need – and it is Tuesday after all. That and I could show you my Tea Cup pictures I took. My first born has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is very intelligent, and … Read more

Jolly J

This week when I told my son we were on the letter J he told me that it was for Joe his best friend. First I started with my youngest child and we did jumping then we played with the Jungle animals and we had jelly and played with the jewellery We made a Union … Read more

Easy Clean Indoor Messy Play

I had an idea to make “Ghosts” with shaving foam and was delighted to discover it was only 27p a can! But then I saw this fab idea at Mutiple Mummy which involved mixing in some food colouring – brilliant! Then I saw this Rainy day Link up which had about a car wash – … Read more