International BabyWearing Week

It’s almost the end of International Babywearing Week 8th-14th October 2012

and so I thought I would share my favourite carrier with you.

I have tried many different types of slings but my all time favourite, and one I would recommend is the Connecta.

The only problem with the Connecta is that your children will most likely outgrown it (4 year olds tend to want to get down and walk) faster than you do.

The website just about covers everything, and if you feel that anything  has been missed, then you can contact the owner:


Reasons I love my Connecta:

  1. It is simple to use both on the front and on the back.
  2. Dad can easily use it.
  3. It is easy to take off when the child has fell asleep – as it just unclips.
  4. Mine has a built in UV protection.
  5. Have used from birth to 4 years old
  6. Light and compact.
  7. Much easier than a pushchair in busy places such as theme parks.
  8. I can control how tight I want my child against my body.
  9. Can discretely breastfeed whilst wearing it.
  10. I can bend, and jump and well do what I like without feeling like my child is slipping, or going to fall out.
  11. It allows me to get on with things – such as cooking.
  12. Good for when toddler is first walking as saves taking a pushchair when they get tired.
  13. Would fit in a littlelife backpack.
  14. Comes in a choice of colours – and you could have one made from your own materials.
  15. Good value for money – especially as it was passed down from child to child.
  16. It supports the child properly unlike some front facing carriers that risk problems with hip dysplasia for the child.

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