The Fair at Duinrell Holland

You may have seen that our holiday to Duinrell was so amazing that I’m having to blog about it in small doses.

I think my then 4, now 5, year old loved the FAIR the most.

Small rollercoaster suitable for the whole family

It was all free and you could go on again and again. There were hardly any queues because of the time of year, and in the end there were no queues, so the children could literally go straight back on.


There was plenty of variety and some rides even my teen thought were too frightening to go on!

His favourite ride was the Dragonfly which is a rollercoaster – that, to be honest, when I went on with him I thought was quiet scary for a 4 year old on his own! But he absolutely loved it and had his hands up in the air!


There were machines by some rides that you could pay 2 euros and have photos of you on the ride e-mailed to you.

The fair was open 10-5  but the rides started to get ready to close down by about 4 – not letting more people queue etc – to ensure it was definitely all away for 5.


Again this was something that catered for us across the age groups and the short queues made this even more possible.

This is NOT a Sponsored post.

We paid for this holiday through the DailyMail. Look out for codes to help you get a cheap holiday in the future in the Daily mail and Sun Newspaper.

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  1. That holiday did look a bit special and what child wouldn’t be thrilled with those rides! Thanks for sharing on Country Kids


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