Are you bribing your kids? #Infographic

Personalised children’s chart website, KiddyCharts found in a new survey that over 83% of parents admit to bribing their kids to help deal with bad behaviour. Are we really just giving into our children’s demands? 83.1% admitted to bribing their children with anything from extra time at the computer, to handing over sweets and chocolates. Is it bribery or positive encouragement?

Dr Amanda Gummer, a child psychologist who works with The Good Toy Guide, says “Bribery and positive reinforcement are two sides of the same coin. The difference is that with positive reinforcement the aim is to help children learn the natural consequences of their actions. These can be positive and negative, but you get more of what you focus on so it’s good to incentivise, notice and reward good behaviour.”

Kiddycharts, the only behaviour charts to feature in the Good Toy Guide, have a range of personalised children’s reward charts to help with behaviour retailing at £2.99 each for printables, and £4.95 for A4 and £8.95 for A3 charts. Uniquely, subscriptions are also available so parents and schools can use the charts as and when they are needed throughout the year without paying extra. For the largest subscriptions, per chart costs are as little as 50p each.

Aside from helping to stop the need for bribery, KiddyCharts products can help with other aspects of parenting including:
• Care charts, that use images to help working parents show who looks after their children day to day
• Progress charts, that allow children to move along a track to reach a pre-agreed goal, and can also be used a simple reward charts
• 5-a-day charts, to encourage children to get their five different fruit and veg in everyday.

All the charts allow photo personalisation where pictures can be placed as an integral part of the background; turning our children into pirates and princesses!
“Our personalisation is not just about dumping a photo into the background. It’s about involving the child in building the charts so they really feel they are part of the learning process and not just an afterthought. That way the charts are so much more likely to be a success in helping you help them.”

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